When in Lapland…

Last month, we spammed your Instagram with pictures taken in Lapland, Finland. We’re sorry about that; we couldn’t help it! Here is how it went down: Nokia has been taking journalists, photographers and bloggers on trips to Lapland. This is all part of the Lumia in Lapland experience, where participants get to discover the enchanting country with the assistance of Nokia Lumia phones. The experience taught us a lot. And now it’s time to tell you all about it. When in Lapland…


Keep Warm and Enjoy the Snow

The first thing that struck us when we got to Lapland was the incredible scenery. We were left speechless as we watched the snow-covered landscape, only interrupted by pine trees. The view left us in awe. You can go cross-country skiing, snow-shoe walking or simply take a stroll around your cabin. There are also husky-sled rides and snowmobile rides for the adventurous. Who wouldn’t want to go at the speed of 120km per hour in the snow? Don’t forget to gear up with the appropriate clothing, though. It’s more than a bit nippy.

Experience the People, Culture and Lifestyle

Lapland inhabitants are an interesting bunch. We were in Kittila to be specific. And the first thing that interested me was the people and their culture. People told us stories about their ancestors and religion – one that is remarkably in touch with nature and animals. They told us how they communicated before cell phones, how each family had its own traditional song and how they are still in touch with their history.

The Food, my God, the Food!

It makes sense that one of the most common things to eat in Finland would be fish. Salmon was the most common of all. Grilled, steamed or raw; there were plenty of options to make it suitable any time of the day. Another meat we had numerous times was reindeer. I was reluctant to eat Rudolf in the beginning. Then I caved when I was told there are more reindeers in Kittila than humans – ah well! It was delicious as a steak, sausage or minced over mashed potatoes.

Watch Northern Lights

Unfortunately, we couldn’t experience this one. Northern Lights appear when the sky is clear. This wasn’t the case during our trip. That being said, you might be luckier than we were. Did I mention there’s an app that alerts you right before they appear? Yes, this exists.

Get in the Christmas Spirit

You’d have to be a real Grinch to not get in the holiday spirit in Lapland. Even if you’re there in April, it’ll still feel like Christmas! It’s not just the reindeers and the snow. Lapland is in the Arctic Circle. That’s where Santa lives! So if you’re ever there, you’ll find all sorts of Christmas souvenirs that are just to die for.

Go Ice Swimming

Ice swimming might not be for everyone, but take it from me, it’s invigorating beyond words. First, you are taken into an extremely hot sauna. There, you bathe with cold water straight from the tap; just like people used to in the olden days. After that, you go out in your bathrobe – if you dare. You then take a dip in a hole in the ice. It’s difficult to describe the tingling sensation of going neck-deep in 4 Degrees Celsius water. I can only say that it was extremely enlivening. I would definitely do it again.

Play with Animals

Huskies, reindeers, foxes, lynxes and wolves are only but some of the animals you can find in Lapland. If you are an animal lover, you will definitely enjoy this country. Husky sled-rides are plenty of fun, but that’s not all. If you go to a husky farm, you’ll probably get to “socialize” with the animals there.

Get Tech-y, you’re at the Home of Nokia

One of the leading mobile phone companies in the world is Finnish. Any technology enthusiast would appreciate that. We were provided with Lumia phones at the beginning of the trip. And in all honesty, I don’t think there would have been a better way to document our trip. The camera’s capabilities outshine those of any other mobile phone camera. The phone is extremely user-friendly. So we all had the right applications in no time. The result is what you saw on Instagram; all our experiences were shared in a matter of seconds and in high resolution!

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