What’s better than watching the awesome, new Pepsi ad? Getting together with your two favorite people to watch it!

Everyone knows that three is the magic number, and why be alone when you can be in great company having fun? Pepsi have embraced this idea with their new advert which you have to watch on three phones side-by-side simultaneously. This Ramadan, they are calling on everyone to grab their two favorite people, whether it be your brothers, your best friends or your colleagues, to come together for a few minutes of watching. So in the spirit of threes, here are the best three things about this ad:

1) The characters cross screens!

We are used to watching normal adverts confined to our phone screens. But this advert has a difference; the action is not restricted to each screen. Instead, characters move from one screen to the next in perfect timing, they interact with things going on in the other screens and at points three completely different things happen at once!  The sound is perfectly synchronised so that you might hear the speaking of one character coming from a different phone. You and your friends just have to open up this link, assign each other either the left, middle, or right video and press play to watch the fun unfold.

2) It will make you laugh!

The best thing to do with the people you love is laugh. This light-hearted advert with a catchy, cheerful song, amusing situations and goofy characters will definitely give you an excuse to have a laugh with your friends. Believe us, you will find yourself humming the music hours later! Even your attempts at trying to perfectly synchronise the videos will have you giggling, ‘3…2…1…’, ‘Wait, do we press start on 1 or on go?!’ Just watch Amr Rady and his friends’ reaction to the advert, to see how much fun it can be!

3) It brings you together this Ramadan!

Ramadan is about spending time with family and friends, but mobile phones and social media can often be quite isolating. A lot of the time that we spend just by ourselves watching endless videos, we could be spending talking and having a good time with the people around us. Pepsi turns that on its head, using videos to bring us together, so that this Ramadan you can create memories with a Pepsi in hand and your two friends on either side.

So grab your two favorite people, open up this link to open the advert, and on 3…2…1…Watch!

Check out Pepsi on instagram at @pepsimasr and find them on Facebook here. 

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