What Women Really Want

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What Women Want shall remain an unsolved mystery. We asked some women achievers what they want.

Q) what do you want from?

1)      Your life? To be painless
2)      Your partner? Gratitude
4)      Your work/career? To make a difference
5)      Your friends? Faithfulness 
6)      Your children? Love
7)      Your love life? Continuity
8)      Your fellow women? To be more ambitious
9)      What do you want? To be impressive in others lives
Nadia Wassif
Q: What do you want from?
1)      Your life?I want tobe content.  I want to remember to always count my blessings and be thankful for them.
2)      Your partners?To see Diwan Bookstore become a regional brand and an innovator in the bookstore industry.
3)      Your relationship?I have great relationships with my books – all very satisfying.
4)      Your work/career?Fun, creativity, stimulation.
5)      Your friends?A good laugh, a sturdy soldier to cry on, and a lot of patience. And if that doesn’t work, then there are always plenty of good books.
6)      Your children?To grow up into two healthy, happy, independent women with their own personalities and dreams.
7)      Your love life?A lot of love.
8)      Your fellow women?Be nicer to each other.  Read more books; and write more books.
9)      What do you want?I want it all.
Hala Samy
1)      Your life?Achieving a balance in all aspects… Making everyone happy yet being happy!!
2)      Your partner?Ongoing Love and Support.
3)      Your relationship?Give as much as you take
4)      Your work/career? Self -achievement without affecting my personal life
5)      Your friends?Sharing the happiest of moments and supporting in the worst
6)      Your children?Don’t have any yet but I think what  I will give them is what matters
7)      Your love life? —
8)      Your fellow women? —
9)      What do you want? —
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