What Women Really Want… To Eat with Elmenus

Food is an essential part of our daily life routine, Whether you’re a working woman or a stay at home mama, you spend we spend hours thinking of what we are going to have for lunch. Elmenus has dedicated their 2017 insights to Egyptian women and their eating habits. We learned very interesting behaviors like Capricorn women love food the most and what kind of foods women think of during the day.


We bet you didn’t know that your horoscope can indicate whether or not you’re a foodie!


No one can argue that women are early planners, elmenus has found out that women have a very systematic approach towards their food.


Women prefer places that make them feel pampered, foods like cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls are very appealing to women.

Capricorns, you’re first on the list of foodies!

Check out Elmenus’ full 2017 review here.

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