What to Eat on a First Date!

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When going out for a first date, the least people think of, is to have a health-friendly outing and dinner. Desperately trying to impress your partner with lavish gifts, an extraordinary ride and a non plus ultra romantic meal, makes the idea of enjoying a salubrious outing take a backseat.

For health conscious individuals, these outings are routine-like, boring and do not fit their credo. If your dating a health conscious individual, there are some tips you might want to consider.

To begin with, one has to mention here, that there are various alternatives to the heavy dinner followed by a movie stereotype option and vice versa.

Going out for a walk on your first date, is one of the most efficient ways to participate with your partner in a healthy activity that does not add unnecessary inches to your waist-line, while at the same time ensuring your blood circulation is consciously pumping blood through your brain and heart muscle. The same goes for your partner. During the walk, the emphasis is solely on the conversation itself, with no other factors distracting the persons engaged in the discussion e.g. food, cinema etc. Some even go out for a first jogging date on the beach, which is excellent for the brain, the lungs and the blood circulation. Oxygen rich blood will make all vital organs work at a more efficient level and will remove all waste products from the circulation. Consequently, you will be having the better of two worlds in terms of wellness and mental sharpness.

On the other hand, having a discussion and eating at the same time, distorts the blood flow between the digestion process and the brain center for speech and concentration. The other drawback is that having a heavy meal causes the brain to go dull, as the release of a lot of hormones like serotonin and insulin cause the brain to shift to the relaxation mode. Yawning is the last thing you want to do when you go out with your date, as it is the ultimate sign of disinterest of what is happening in front of you.

Canoeing and boating is also a very cool idea for a first date, as coordination and team-work are preliminary condition for performing either activity, as otherwise the two of you may end up soaked-in water and moss covered.

If you however insist to take your date out for food, then a light picnic composed of easily digested and prepared food will be a great option. Preparing and planning for the picnic with your date will be a fun thing to do and will generate a lot of discussion material, which may not even be touched during a conventional lunch/dinner chit-chat. In addition to this, Picnics are supposed to be simple and you desire it to know your date better, and not to focus on the truffles wrapped in gold foil!

Even a healthy and balanced breakfast in the early morning hours with your date will ensure that any food you order will be freshly made as opposed to leftovers which endured several cooling and reheating cycles. You and your date will fall victim to the latter one, if you opt for the late dinner option. Ending up with stomach upset, diarrhea, and/ or food poisoning, is definitely not what you want your date to bear in remembrance of your first outing together.

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