What the doctor ordered to lose yourself this summer

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      Night swimming



Nothing makes us relaxed than night swimming. It doesn’t have to be in the sea with all the waves, a private pool or a lake in Sahel would be just right.

2)   Unleash the child in you.

Re-try things you used to love in the past like flying a kite, riding a bike or even reading a comic book. It’s very healthy to connect with the innocent part of you after many months of presentations, October bridge nightmares and the phrase ‘Kol Sana Wenty Tayeba ya Hanem’ piercing your ears every time you find a parking space (watch Toy Story 3D, in theatres now).

3)  Stretch your social network

Enough with “X became friends with Y” and “your ex likes your photo”; Join foreign chat rooms and get to mingle with different cultures, that is expected to expand your knowledge and awareness about other societies breathing with you on the same planet. Choose chat rooms that talk about women issues, music, cooking or even rooms just for ordinary chat.


4)   Spiritual practices.



The world is full of unsolved mysteries and enigmas. Get out of your materialistic world and delve deep into spiritual practices. Jump into your sports leggings and practice yoga for beginners. Read more about the Dalai Lama and his spiritual teachings on achieving pure tolerance. Go to a place where there are only angels like a Mosque or a Church and connect with God (read Why is God Laughing by Deepak Chopra).


5)   Be Egyptian



Do you know who was the ‘Lioness Goddess of War and Destruction’ in Ancient Egypt? Well it’s Sekhmet. When a foreigner asks us about a piece of historical information, we grab our Blackberry to google for the answer, so let’s pack for a trip to Egypt! Go visit the Egyptian Museum or try to explore what’s inside the great pyramids. Visit the Caesareum Temple in Alexandria founded by Cleopatra where it’s believed to have committed suicide there (read Wonders of Karnak by Zahi Hawass).


6)  Soul healing



Take advantage of a friend who owns a 4×4 cruiser and go explore the Egyptian mysterious desert. If you are one of those mermaids like us, plan a fabulous cruise in the Red Sea, there is nothing as amazing as Bob Sinclair and a sun deck white party. Egypt’s population is centered in 4% only of the whole Egyptian soil; there is a whole world out there that you’ve never explored. (check the Travel mag for inspiration).

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