Nannies, what role should they actually have?

Lots of mothers have nannies to help them with the exhausting and hectic task of raising children. But in each household it seems as though nannies have very different roles and responsibilities; with some nannies practically living-in and others only coming for one day a week. We asked some of our mommies what they thought about the role that nannies should have and they had a lot to say…

Menna Ghoniem:

Well the way I see it is she handles the baby until you are back from work but if you don’t work then why do you need a nanny? You need a maid instead. If I could stay at home and not work I wouldn’t give my son to a nanny, I would just get a maid to help with house chores, maybe carry the stroller in and out of the car because that can be confusing when you have a baby in your hands. So they are there to just help out.

Sarah Khairat Barakat:

sarahA Nanny is an extra pair of hands; a Mom is a mom. The nanny can clean, do laundry, empty bins, organize the baby’s room, help with the heavy lifting when mom is out with the baby, prepare drinks for mom, maybe clean and chop food, watch the baby while mom showers or takes a nap. I wouldn’t let the nanny care for my baby’s needs such as feeding or bathing, I would also prefer to do the cooking myself. Playing with your child is not only fun but developmental and comforting, it also gives you the chance to observe and measure progress and it helps you catch on to anything abnormal early enough to treat it. I don’t have a nanny but I do get help cleaning the house.


samar-samySamar Samy:

I’m not against nannies. I just think it’s psychologically damaging if the nanny and mother are there and the nanny is the one playing in the playground with child whilst the mom is on her phone or whatever. If the mom is working and the child is with the nanny then it’s not as bad. But what kind of subliminal message are you giving the child if you’re not doing anything but rather have a stranger doing your job?

Nada K El Adli:

nada-k-el-adliIn my opinion a nanny should be helping the mom by making the mom able to do her role better. In other words, the nanny can change the sheets; prepare the diaper bag; prepare the baby’s bath; clean the baby’s mess; tidy the room; fold the laundry; wash the baby’s bottles; prepare food.

Even if the nanny accompanies the mother to the club for example, the nanny can sit with the stroller and the bags and let the mom play with her baby. If the mom needs a break the nanny can go push the baby on a swing or down the slide until the mom catches her breath. The mom has to be the mom and the nanny is just there to help. The mom should be the best mom she can be for her kids

Ala’a A.Saleh:alaa-saleh

For me a nanny’s role is only to clean the house and help me slightly with cooking. Other than that she shouldn’t have anything to do with my son. At the end of the day she is a stranger, I don’t know where she came from, what her background is regarding health, social and psychological issues.

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