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The majority of the questioned men pointed out that their expectations towards marriage was met "just as expected" with no major negative surprises. Sadly, quite a portion felt that their expectations were "much worse than expected".

93% of the respondents are still romantic with their wives even after a long time; they still care to spend quality romance time with their wives. (Again Playstation does not count!) The majority of the husbands claimed to have a fulfilling sex life yet 60% have sexual fantasies that they cannot fulfill with their wives. All respondents find their wives as attractive as when they met and there is no relation with the sexual fantasies and the level of attractiveness of the wives. Respondents with children seemed to have a little set-back in the bedroom due to diaper and bottle action that just does not leave much time for pillow talk.

Again almost all of the respondents have never cheated on their wives, only 16% answered that they can’t guarantee total fidelity towards their spouse.

The ideal wife type probed for resulted in 79% wanting a social butterfly followed by "the girl from next door", only very few would want a "sexy vamp" or just "Om El Eyal El Eshareya".

The saying that you reach your man through his stomach seems to be TOTALLY outdated, huh? We made the hubbies pick their preference among; waking up next to the wife every morning, wild sex, wife’s cooking skills. Luckily, the last one did not reflect any significant percentage. The most preferred was waking up next to each other each morning. Only 23% preferred wild sex, so see not all men think just with their pants. The ultimate seduction is simply "wear a stunning outfit" and dimmed lights, that’s not very demanding we would say.

In a total unison, the biggest mood killer during sex is that she is distant, goes through a grocery check list in her mind or watches Oprah with the right eye only. For men with children the biggest mood killer is when the children start crying or wake up.

67% of the questioned men are attracted to ambitious women and consider their wife’s success a turn on.

84% do not want to share the most intimate secrets or emotions with their spouse and don’t consider it a necessity as some privacy must remain. The majority also hates that every detail must be discussed in long sessions, over and over again. They do believe that communication is crucial but not to be exaggerated to an unbearable extent.

The surveyed men were given a list of wife habits that they ranked in order of annoyance factor. The TOP 10 of WORST WIFE HABITS are: (No Comment!)

1. Jealousy
2. Telling me what to do
3. Calling every 5 min
4. Too much drama
5. Always criticize
6. Expecting men to understand hints
7. Complaining about my mother
8. Toilet seat reminders
9. Spends to much money
10. Nagging

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