What makes Mais Hamdan that gorgeous

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She’s flammable, she’s glamorous and she’s so much fun. Mais Hamdan has always been rocking the red carpets with her glamorous looks over the past few years and she has never, ever made a single fashion mistake! We were curious to know how a girl stays focused on her style and we were shocked when we heard that most of the times she applies her own make-up!!



How do you update your sense of glam?                                                                                     

I watch a lot of fashion news on TV; I read a bunch of fashion magazines. I also like to attend different fashion shows whenever I can, I attend shows all over the Middle East some in Jordan and some in Lebanon.

Who are your favorite Egyptian Fashion designers?

I like Yasmine Yeya a lot.

Who are your favorite global fashion designers?

I’m a big fan of Cavalli, I like Versace as well.

What are the items that always live in your hand bag?

My lip balm and perfume.

Are you always on a diet? How do you stay that fit?

Not really I just like to watch my weight. I work out 3 days a week, and if I have time, I go for 5 days a week. I also try as much as I could to avoid junk food and stick to healthy dishes.

In your opinion, a modern girl can’t live without:

Black heels, black suit, black coat, little black dress. Black makes women look younger, sexier and smaller.

Who is your fashion guru?

For simplicity I like Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller a lot. For craziness I adore JLO.

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