Quiz Time! What is your Mosalsal Spirit Animal during Ramadan?


It’s 10AM on the first day of Ramadan. You are…

  1. A) Sleeping to avoid getting angry!
  2. B) Praying, but also getting excited about tonight’s kheima.
  3. C) Bright eyed and bushy tailed at work!


How much do you help out at home during Ramadan?

  1. A) None. It only irritates me.
  2. B) I sometimes help out, but some other times I just need a break.
  3. C) Help out? I do everything!


5 Minutes before Iftar, what are you most likely to be doing?

  1. A) If it’s before Iftar, I’m sleeping or want to be left alone.
  2. B) Either helping set up the table, or ignoring everyone to watch my Mosalsal. No in between.
  3. C) Having a great time with my Iftar guests.


What’s your favorite thing about Ramadan?

  1. A) Eid.
  2. B) Ramadan gives me a chance to explore different sides to myself.
  3. C) Everything!


What’s your favorite Ramadan activity?

  1. A) I like the way people tip-toe around me.
  2. B) I like everything from going to kheyam to binge watching Mosalsalat to praying.
  3. C) Everything is magical when done in Ramadan.



Suleiman Ghanem  Nazek El Selehdar

Mostly A’s

You’re Suleiman Ghanem/Nazek El Selehdar. You’re a person who knows what they want and how to get it. In Ramadan, you’re easily irritable and get cranky when you don’t have your way… or your coffee. Why not be a little more considerate to others?

Ibrahim Abdel Ghafour  Feryal Faraweela

Mostly B’s

You’re Ibrahim Abdel Ghafour El Bora’ey/Feryal Faraweela. You’re not sure whether you want to pray and read Quran throughout all of Ramadan, or go out to Kheyam and spend all nighters playing card games. You just need to find some balance in your life.

Youssef El Daw  hqdefault

Mostly C’s

You’re Youssef El Daw/Amina Metwally. You’re a good person who just wants to do good! You want to use Ramadan to become closer to your family, improve your cooking and get spiritual. You should give yourself a break every once in a while.


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