What is wrong with you people?

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Yes you’ve heard it, women have evolved into MEN! The one thing that women hated to ever become where they have fought and created unions and movements to defend realize and forever forge their unique distinction, has slowly come to no avail and the cycle of movement has found its way to that of what they so desperately despised.  ”If you can’t beat ’em, join them” has been altered ”slightly” to ”if you can’t beat’em…compete shrewdly and meticulously with them and don’t raise any speculation of your movements or motives…”.


Today’s woman is an aggressive, business savvy corporate ladder climbing, man terminating machine, with a need to prove to themselves and to the public at large that they are not the same but better than their fellow male counterpart and it has affected all aspects of their life and decisions….lets analyze:


Marriage: once a union of two hearts in the sacred embodiment of love and lust. Today, a union of social mobility and stature with a hefty wedding price tag to it.

(More like a marketing or PR campaign if you ask me)


Dress: once a symbol of ones mood and preference of what looks nice, chic and personally affordable. Today, a symbol of status and financial profiling and behold whoever so may dare as to have the same accessory or dress or hairstyle for that matter, prepare to receive a spine chilling look or an accidental cup of coffee spilling all over it. If it’s out of budget? Who cares! (As long as it sells their image, that’ll get the work and its paycheck not to mention a hubby with a platinum card too.)


Outings: once a simple stroll along a beautifully landscaped park or at a cozy little restaurant or even a house gathering with a few friends to play whatever cheesy board game available. Today….a romp and stomp of the hottest spots in town! A place to be seen where the ‘in’ crowd prevails! Weeks of planning, days of serious decision making on which outfit is needed and hours on end of dressing up and applying designer make up just to arrive fashionably late and act ”unimpressed of the place”.


Yes people, the list can go and on to include cars, traveling, lingo, laughter (and its many forms depending on surroundings and people), friendships….did anything get left out? Hmmmm oh yes…. SEX. (Due to the confinements of our region and what may or may not be said I shall refrain from endeavoring into this subject but to keep it short and sweet- men out there beware….a new predator has evolved from the once prey like status!)


I am sure the readers out there are wanting to see me roasted on a spit right now and I honestly reserve to say that I am not here to cause anguish or joy but a mere messenger of what is seen and what is fact. So in the infamous words of Bart Simpson…”bite me..!”


On a serious note now, let’s tackle women’s economic participation rates on a global scale, which I might add are incredible! Egypt alone has seen a remarkable value of almost 13% to the economy in 1996 and in 10 years down the road to date that figure has almost doubled.[1] Unfortunately, the wage gap is always outstanding with a 74% difference in Manufacturing whilst a whopping 97% gap in Industry and Services! But never the less, women play an integral part in the economy, and it is undeniable that without their added value, the current flimsy state of (Egypt) the economy would be at a worse state if it was denied this value. Thus, it shows, perhaps that the most important way in which women contributes to the economy is through their work. Yes truth be told, women have always worked. You go girl!


Either as farmers, teachers, domestic workers, machine operators, politicians, nurses, volunteers, dentists, mothers, carpenters, child care workers, and business owners, women have made and continue to make essential and enormous contributions to the economy.


Now, we all know that a woman’s real assets are her breasts! Yes, I did not stutter, her breasts. If breast milk were given a monetary value, the value of a one year supply of the breast milk of Ugandan women would be 243.8 billion Ugandan shillings or more than USD$ 215 million! And you thought they were just a heavy weight you had to haul around with its only use in attracting a client to your work! Shame on you!


In a report filed by the United Nations I was shocked to read this quote "If a value were attached to women’s unpaid or underpaid activities, it would amount to 11 Trillion USD of a total of 16 Trillion USD global output"[2]. That was over a decade ago; imagine if women could charge interest to that lost money? Gucci, Louis Vuitton and hair salons would have a blast!


Now before you attack my comical outlook on that point, realistically speaking it’s not that far from the truth is it? Women also contribute to the economy as consumers.


As one of the major contributions that women (Arabs women in particular) to the economy is through buying things! Women’s role as care givers has meant that women play an especially prominent role in buying things that provide sustenance for home and family, their vanities and whatever else they deem as useful. Studies show that women are responsible for buying 80% of household goods. Although it is often played down (I apologize profusely) it is clear that women have a great deal of influence in the economy as consumers, in other words, a lot of spending power.


Come on women! There has to be more to life than having everything!


So, to wrap it up what the heck am I trying to say? Well, its amazing how the female progression has taken its place onto the economic forum and have given men a race for their money as well as their jobs, but come on now… are certain critical roles of women that clearly have been defined since the beginning of time being erased by the modern day view as taboo and stereotypical? I mean, lets not forget our roles here, a man may be uncaring, pompous at times and wrapped up in his work thus forgetting his balance as a family man at times, but do women need to start that too? And women, if someone cuts you off on the road do you really need to hunt them down in a high speed chase and use profanity as seen reasonable at the time to the other driver? Clearly let’s not confuse roles here. Remember a Lady is that of grace and patience and sadly a gentleman is that of near extinction. Never the less, lets not lose touch with our basic roles in life and not get caught up in the mix.


To sum it up, in the wise words of Mary O’Brien (whoever she is I’m not sure), "In A rational human society, people will be producers in the morning, child care takers in the afternoon and critical critics in the evening. Only ten can men and women abandon a long preoccupation with sleeping together in favor of being awake together".


Looking forward to the criticisms of you avid readers out there!


[2]United Nations Report, The World’s Women, 1995

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