What if Mutants Were Egyptian?

Indulge us for a second, due to unexplainable shifts in the time-space continuum, the x-men got stranded in Egypt.

Knowing how badass the x-men are, they adapted pretty quickly.




Rogue and Storm took it upon themselves to help the community. Storm decides that since we don’t seem to be able to change what our text books say, we’ll just have to make Egypt’s weather hot in the summer and moderate at winter, for real this time. Rogue just took public transportation, by the end of the day hundreds of sexual harassers were found inexplicably dead.

 Professor X was appalled by what our media does and decided that, since we’re brainwashed anyways, we might as well be brainwashed in the right direction. It goes without saying that in a few months we were acting like one of those first world countries we love to talk about.


Jubilee worked as a delivery girl… and shot fireworks at whoever called twice.


 Wolverine ended up working as a shawerma chef, since it was pretty convenient. He even broke the world record of most shawerma rotisserie prepared at once. And needless to say he didn’t feel like commenting on the matter.


Mystique’s whereabouts are unknown, but we’ve noticed some of our more entertaining politicians with inexplicable yellow eyes in photographs. Coincidence? We think not!

Ice man decided that Egyptians should enjoy Christmas the way they see it in the movies. He covered Egypt in snow. No one really cared except of the expats who went totally eggnog!

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