Wesh Fe Wesh: The Family Dramedy Keeping You On The Edge Of Your Seat

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Bringing the film to life is Waleed El Halawafy, the son of legendary Egyptian actor Nabil El Halawafy and brother of Kamel El Adad’s director Khaled El Halawafy. Along with its talented director, the film also starred a star-studded cast that included Amina Khalil, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Shahin, Asmaa Galal, Bayoumi Fouad, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Anoushka, Ahmad Khaled Saleh and Mahmoud Ellisy. The film is fast-paced and has just that right mix of drama and comedy. It made us laugh but also had us dwelling on the meaning and complexity of marriage and family.

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About The Film


Picture this, two families who vehemently hate eachother end up getting stuck together in a single apartment for 24 hours after the front door gets jammed. That is the main gist of the entire film and it all starts when a heated argument between Mamdouh and Khalil is overheard by Khalil’s mother who is on a call with her.

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From there, the couple’s respective families rush to the apartment but not to resolve the conflict between the married couple but rather to end the marriage. Along with the in-laws and Khalil’s brother, the couples’ bestfriends along with the family driver and maid also get stuck in the house.

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What We Loved

Ever since Ramadan, there has been a shift towards portraying the intricacies of Egyptian family dynamics especially with shows like El Harsha El Sabaa that accurately depicted the trials and tribulations of marital and family life. Wesh Fe Wesh is no exception to that trend as it places themes of marriage and family in the spotlight and once again, plucks out some of most relatable complexities of that dynamic.

The film expertly showcased both how men and women perceive marriage as throughout the film, we got to hear both perspectives from the talented mixed cast. Along with that, the film dove into the rich complexity of having in-laws. It is known that in-laws don’t usually get along so having two sets of families stuck together in an apartment meant that we were in for some heated drama.

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That is exactly how the film played along as each person stuck in the apartment had some sort of beef with another person whether it’s the mothers, Anoushka and Salwa, Mamdouh’s best friend Chahine and Khalil’s brother played by Ahmad Khaled Saleh or Khalil and Mamdouh themselves. From massive bloody brawls to hilarious accidents, catastrophes ensued like a successive falling domino that you couldn’t stop. The constant shock factor and surprise at every corner really kept us at the edge of our seat. We could never predict what will happen next.

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Along with that, the entire film packs a comedic punch from cast members who are usually known for their dramatic roles. We got to laugh out loud when Chahine flirted with Khalil’s best friend played by Galal and many other hilarious moments.

Wesh Fe Wesh is the kind of film you watch when you crave that perfect mix of drama, comedy and action. For a while now, we haven’t seen a film that melds the three so well. It is also a great film to watch if you want to witness the realities and complexities of marital and family life. Be sure to check it out soon as the film is out in all cinemas across Egypt.

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