Well Played Villains this Ramadan and we just Love them!


With so much good drama this Ramadan, there’s an abundance of series to choose from. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll definitely find your cup of tea. You’re also bound to find a villain whose ways strike you as unthinkable, and so scary that you can’t help but like them a little. Here are 5 of the absolute best Ramadan villains we found this Ramadan.


Wannous in Wannous

Forget about typical villains who lie, cheat or steal. Yehia ElFakharany has taken it to a whole new level this year when he decided to play Satan himself! He has the power to turn one’s life upside down, and he definitely abuses it. Who better than Yahia to play such a character, with his soft voice, cheerful demeanor, loveable nature? And knowing Yahia’s immense talent, we could have thought of no one better for this role.

Afrah el obba

Sayed Ragab in Afrah El-Obba

Even though Sayed Ragab only appears very briefly in Afrah El-Obba, his vague background and impeccable acting resounded with his audience. He plays the role of a father who abandons his wife and three daughters. He also doesn’t work at all and entirely lives off the income of his daughter Saneyah. The sleazy character he plays is chilling because he always looks like he knows something the rest of the characters don’t. He’d get insulted by his former wife and daughters, and still give them a sneaky smile that we’re sure has some great secret behind it.

fo2 mostawa el shobhat

Rahma in Fo2 Mostawa el Shobohat

Youssra does a brilliant job in embodying the ice cold villain that is Rahma in Foa’ Mostawa El-Shobohat. Sturdy, stubborn and demented psychotic villain to be reckoned with, she has little capacity for compassion or empathy. Perhaps we see the full extent of her evil when a man kidnaps her mother and threatening to kill her if she doesn’t pay a ransom. Rahma shockingly apologizes to her mother, and states that she won’t pay. This might just be one of the most chillingly wicked scenes we’ve come across this Ramadan. Good job, Youssra, going for an evil character!

Grand hotel

Qesmat in Grand Hotel

Qesmat in Grand Hotel, played by Anoushka, is the perfect example of a self-centered villain blinded by their own agenda and who would do anything to remain powerful and privileged. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of her behavior is how she seamlessly and guiltlessly sails through her foul doings; as if she’s done nothing wrong. She kills Doha in cold blood, and continues her party at the hotel as if nothing happened. Next murder victim please!

el mizan

Khaled in El Mizan

Betrayal is one of the scariest things out there and Khaled does that perfectly in El Mizan. Played by Bassel Khayat, Khaled is a police officer whose wife is a lawyer. He uses his skills and influence to advance his own evil plot on the expense of his wife’s career and sanity. The moment Khaled shows Noha his true colors and hits her made us all shudder.

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