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How to Pack Smart for the Hospital


We all know there’s plenty to think about once you know you’re expecting. One of the most essential things – that we might occasionally forget about – is to pack for the hospital. You need to do that in advance. Keep your bag next to the door once you begin your 9th month, because you never know when you’ll need it. Here are the most essential things that you’ll need to pack.

Fluffy, Comfy, Pretty Little Things

You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. So try your best to feel at home when you’re in the hospital. Bring over soft cotton socks, fuzzy slippers, a soft pillow, a bath towel, a comfortable sleeping gown or nightshirt – that you don’t mind ruining – and maybe a sleeping eye mask. Those items will smell and feel like home. You’ll find that you’ll need things like that.

Be Cool

Ever seen how sweaty women get when they’re giving birth? You exert an incredible amount of energy to deliver a child! And so you will need to keep yourself cool. You can bring a spray bottle filled with water, wet napkins or a handheld fan. Chewing on ice cubes – which you can get at the hospital – will also help.

The Munchies

This is equally important for you as well as your husband and/or anyone accompanying you to the hospital. You will get hungry. And the hospital cafeteria isn’t always reliable. So your best option is to bring light snacks. Think packed food that won’t go bad easily.

Stay Hydrated

Your mouth and skin will get dry. Make sure to pack some lotion and lip balm for this reason specifically. You’ll thank us later.

Toiletries and Clothes

If you’re staying a few days you will need those. You’ll want to pack shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and maybe even makeup – if you’re the type to get dolled up after childbirth. Have a change of slightly smaller clothes for your ride home. And it won’t be a bad idea to pack a change of clothes for whoever is accompanying you to the hospital.


You’ll definitely need your mobile phone, charger and possibly a camera. They will come in handy.


You will need a working credit card and some cash on you. You never know when you’ll need them. After all, you’re in an Egyptian hospital.


All medical paperwork should be with you. If you have medical insurance that will cover childbirth, keep that in your bag. Other medical records will be of help, as well.

Damage Control

You will definitely have to get rid of the clothes you’ll wear during labor. However, there is still plenty to save. After childbirth there will be plenty of… well, leakage. You’ll need a maternity bra with pads. You’ll also need heavy flow sanitary pads. Make sure you have those on you to minimize the damage to your clothes.

Baby Things!

Pack a warm change of clothes and diapers. You will also want to have a pacifier, sterilized baby bottle, baby onesies, mittens, cap, towel, baby shampoo and earrings if it’s a girl! If you plan on breastfeeding, pack a breast pump as well. For the drive home, make sure you get a car seat for your baby.

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