Wedding Worst-Case Scenarios: Can you be prepared?

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You’ve worked so hard to plan for this day, and you want everything to be just right.  A few things can go wrong that might end up making this day a bit stressful for you.  Check some of these scenarios and how you can avoid them.


Scenario One:  Hair Tangle

You’re dancing, waving and having fun when ouch! The veil gets caught in someone’s bracelet or worst your hair does.

Self-defense:  Wrap your veil around your arm (or simply remove it) while dancing and always ask people to make room for you. You might also want to keep a pair of scissors in an emergency kit with your mom or friend. Another solution is to ask your hairdresser to do your hair up to avoid it flying around.


Scenario Two: Puffy Feet

"My feet are killing me!!" is a must say sentence for every bride. The bride and groom spend most of the wedding standing up and going around and high heels were never a girl’s best friend.

Self defense:  After you’ve gone through the zaffa, the first dance and the formal photos, change your high heels to a pair of white elegant sneakers or flat beaded scandals. You will be surprised how comfortable you will feel and how more energetic to dance and celebrate. Don’t worry that people will criticize you; on the contrary, they will think you’re fun and smart for doing that and might even ask you for an extra pair!  Forgot to bring the sneakers? Remove your shoes and just HAVE FUN!! It’s your day and you’re entitled to do anything you wish!


Scenario Three: Bouquet Fight

For some reason girls think of the wedding bouquet as the Aladdin lamp. You will find the girls fighting furiously to catch the flower bouquet once you throw it. However fun this little cat-fight might seem, it can turn out to be ugly if someone gets hurt.

Self defense: Well you can simply choose to give your bouquet to someone special to you like your mom, sister or best friend.  But if you like the tradition, explain that only the unmarried girls come up to catch it so that u avoid a big crowd and try not to throw it very far so that it doesn’t land in the middle of this crowd.


Scenario Four:  The Sharbat Spill

You and your husband are on stage doing the old time sharbat demonstration and all of a sudden a red stain land on your dress!

Self defense:  Use a straw…and don’t take the glass if it is very full.  If however, you still end up with a stain don’t panic and go to the restroom with your magic emergency kit, get a towel and a stain remover and work your way to get it out.  Ask your laundry store to provide you with the best stain remover for syrup stains and food coloring.


Scenario Five:  Train Trip

Here comes the bride… here comes the bride…ooops fell the bride!! How many times have you seen people step over the bride’s train?

Self defense:  Assign one or two of your family or friends to hold the train during the entrance.  To avoid the same thing while dancing, wear a dress with a detachable train where you can remove while dancing.  Some dresses have a small place that u can attach to your wrist or finger like a ring to keep the train elevated off the floor while moving around.  But as a rule of thumb, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, it is better to remove the train or have a more simple dress.


Scenario Five: DJ Disaster

You’ve gone through all the details with you DJ and settled on all the songs you’d like and yet none of them he plays. Why oh why?

Self defense: When you settle on all the songs you want played for each event in the ceremony, ask your DJ to make you a copy of all these songs on CD.  Have the CD with you in your kit and give it to him with a list of what to play when as soon as you observe that he is not doing what you planned together.


Scenario Six: The Flying badra/flowers

The beautiful groom took the bride’s hand and they are walking down the entrance and people are cheering and throwing badra and flowers to shower them with love and good wishes when the badra ends in the bride’s eye!

Self defense:  Ask the person in charge of distributing the badra or flower baskets to give them only to close people.  Let her ask the people to tell them to throw it in front of you and not on you. Have some eye cleansing eye-drops in your kit in case you need it.


Scenario Seven: Perspiration Celebration

This is actually for both the bride and the groom.  All the people are around and all the lights are on them that they are just soaking from the heat.

Self defense:  Use a strong anti-perspirant before you get dressed. The kind you use when you’re playing sports.  Generally, anti-perspirants are not good for you, deodorant is, but using it just once won’t harm you.  You also will need lots of tissues and I mean LOTS for both you and your groom. Make sure you pat dry your face so your make up doesn’t get all messy.  Some grooms also find it helpful to have an extra shirt to change into during the buffet so they feel fresh the rest of the evening.


To sum up, keep a small kit for emergencies nearby in your room or with your mom.  Some of things that might come handy are:

Scissors, band-aid, sewing kit (tiny one), few pieces of cotton, stain remover, anti-pespirant, the lipstick and nail polish you’re wearing, your music CD for the events with the list, eye-drops, nail clippers, hair clippers, and tissues.

These along with anything you might find relevant will make it easier for you to be prepared for anything that might come up. Don’t stress over it though, remember that a bride has a natural glow that makes her beautiful no matter what, and that the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself with your groom to make the day unforgettable! 

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