Wedding 101

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The day you’ve been dreaming of is a few steps away! The anticipation, the stress, the dress, and the preparations all may seem a little over-whelming. However, there are some people you can’t plan the wedding without. Those create your team for the big day … and we’re here to help you make the right choice!


  1. The Tailor:

There is something about a wedding dress that is simply hypnotic for any girl.  Whether it’s a 5 year-old or a grandmother, a wedding dress remains a delight to look at. That being the case, it is very important that you choose a qualified tailor to make the dress of your dream. Choose a tailor that you preferably know and tried before; someone who knows your body and taste, and also with reasonable prices. A tailor who is up-to-date with the fashion and who has ideas for your hair and accessories is a big plus especially for veiled brides. The earlier you start with choosing the dress, the more time you have to experiment. So take your time and choose a dress that is close to your personality.

Our Tip: Ask your tailor or one of the assistants to come on the day of the wedding to help you get dressed. They made the dress, so they know all the zippers, buttons and clips better than anyone else. Also if anything snaps, they will be there to fix it.


  1. The Hairdresser:

Veiled or not, a hairdresser is a key player in your wedding team. A hairdresser should be able to create a look that complements the dress you’re wearing. Again, if your hair-stylist is familiar with your hair and how it reacts to different weather, he/she would be more helpful. Look for someone known to be punctual and efficient so that you don’t end up waiting. Go to your hair salon at least a month before the wedding. Take a picture of the dress, and the hair accessories you want to use including the veil. Some hair accessories have long stems, or not enough clips to suit the hairstyle you want, that is why it is important that your hair-stylist should see them beforehand to take suitable measures.  If you’re veiled, ask your hairstylist for a simple elegant hairdo so it looks nice when you take the veil off after the wedding.

Our Tip:  If your veil has embroidery or beading on it, make sure you have if on both sides so it shows when you are covering your face with it in the entrance. It gives a nice effect, but only when kept simple!


  1. The Make-up Artist:

Like the hairdresser, a make-up artist needs to be punctual, up-to-date, and efficient.  It is always better that you try the make-up on before the wedding so you don’t have any surprises. A lot of make-up artists can arrange a trial session for you 2 weeks before the wedding, however, only a few wouldn’t charge you extra for it, so do your math. If you like a certain look, provide your make-up artist with a photo so they can understand what you want properly. Also if you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure they know that to avoid any mishaps.

Our Tip:  Go for a facial and eyebrow trimming session at least a week before your wedding to have clear skin.


  1. Decoration Specialist:

Choosing a theme for your wedding is never easy. It is helpful to find a decoration specialist who someone recommended or that you have seen their work before.  Ask them to show you pictures of their previous work. For center pieces and color-coordination, let your decoration specialist provide you with a sample that both you and your groom like. It is very important that the person in charge of the decoration go with you to the wedding site to make any special requests and discuss different possibilities. You can match your theme décor with the wedding cake. If you’d like your decoration specialist to do your buffet and cake décor, make sure you arrange that with the caterer as well.

Our Tip:  To fascinate your guests, and give your wedding a unique atmosphere, put scented candles all along the entrance!  Also pay special attention to restrooms by putting flowers and little baskets with towels to match to create a hospitable atmosphere!


5. The Photographer:

Years after you get married, photographs are the best memory keepers to remind you of the most beautiful day. That is why a talented photographer can be nominated as the top candidate in your team. A cooperative photographer is a professional photographer. He would come with you to visit the wedding site, will listen to what you want, and will make you feel at ease when you’re tensed before the ceremony.  Make sure you ask for black & white shots as they are proven to be preferred in emotional moments. The best pros are the ones who offer varieties for different settings and personalities, so check the photographer’s portfolio.

Our Tip:  Invite your photo pro behind the scenes.  Let them take photos of you with your curlers on, while mom is helping, and the first time dad sees you in your wedding dress.  Close-ups of the bouquet, wedding dress on a chair are also beautiful and artistic shots to keep. And don’t forget the groom while he is getting ready as well!


6.  The Usher:

An usher is the person or maitre d’hotel who will always be with you and your groom throughout the celebration. He should be present all the time when you are making arrangements at the hotel or any place you’re having the wedding. Talk with your usher about every single detail you want in your wedding. Write down everything for him, and keep a copy for yourself so it is easier for both of you to remember. If you feel that the person in charge is not efficient enough, talk to your hotel banquet manager and let them assign someone else.

Our Tip:  Introduce your immediate family to the usher so he has an idea who to turn to in case of any problem.  Keep in touch with your usher during the preparation phase by phone to update him of the details and establish a good relationship for better service.


7.  The Invitation Card Provider:

If you are custom making your invitation cards, choose a place that can be trusted.  Your card provider should provide you with different samples to choose from, and be flexible enough to make any changes you might like. Ask if they can recommend a calligrapher to write the names of the people on the cards, or if they can create printed envelopes. An important thing to keep in mind is the language you will use in the invitations. Remember that not everyone can read a foreign language.

Our Tip:  Hand-made invitation cards are more unique and in fashion. People tend to throw out invitation cards after a while, but will keep them if they thought they are special. 


8. The Bride’s Assistant(s):

Whether it’s your sister, your cousin or your best-friend, every bride simply cannot do without.  This is the equivalent of a bride’s maid in the western culture. This girl should be committed enough to take the responsibility of a bride helper. She will have the contacts of all your team members, and know exactly what is expected from each one of them. Got more than a volunteer? Go ahead use them, you can return the favor.  You will need all the help you can get to dump some errands and tasks on someone else. Just be careful not to involve too many people to keep the wedding details a surprise.

Our Tip:  Invite your friend to sleep over the night before the wedding to help you with the packing and release any tension you might be feeling before the wedding.


9. The Groom’s Assistant:

Well he won’t need more than one! Men simply do not admit they need help right? Actually besides keeping the groom company, you can ask this friend to do more tasks. He can help deliver the invitations, and be there with the decoration people, the DJ and all other workers who are preparing the place right before the wedding.

Our Tip:  Ask the groom’s friend to keep an eye on the guests and let the DJ and usher know of any complains they might have.


10. The DJ/Entertainers:

Last but not least, the choice of entertainment for the big day.  Both you and your groom must absolutely agree on that one. This is one of the decisions that can make or break a wedding so be very cautious. Choose a DJ who would come himself and not send an assistant. Go through the wedding scenario with them and make sure you choose the song/music for each event.  Don’t get an entertainer that you know wouldn’t appeal to your in-law’s style or personality to avoid future conflict. After all, there are many options for entertainment in a wedding, so why not choose something that will create a better mood.

Our Tip:  Make a short speech presented by your groom or yourself or even better both to thank your families and friends during the ceremony. Your families will love it and you will show your guests how grateful you are to share the day with all those special people. This would be the perfect ending for a memorable night!!

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