We can’t Believe we Used to Find these Horror Movies Scary!

Take a walk down memory lane and remember all those scary movies you’ve seen over the years, and you’ll find yourself more amused than you are scared. In the midst of all the recent horror films, we can’t help but reminisce about movies from back in the day and wonder why and how we ever tucked in our feet in terror while watching these movies!


A Nightmare on Elm Street


Revolving around a former child killer who now appears in the dreams of children to kill them, this movie most certainly has an interesting plot. However, watch it now and you’ll find yourself laughing at the hysterical execution, which we somehow never noticed before. We can’t possibly take a tongue coming out of a phone, or a girl twirling in the air and smacking her boyfriend with her feet seriously.




We don’t think there is a horror movie that got as many parodies as Scream did. When it first came out, we feared it as it resonated as a plot that can occur in real life. However, after all the Halloween costumes and the parodies, we’ve become so desensitized towards this movie; we can’t possibly fear it anymore!


I know what you did last summer


This movie is just… not really that interesting anymore. Watch it again, and you won’t laugh, you won’t be scared, and you might not even enjoy it. The main issue with it is the fact that the entire situation was so easily avoidable. The idea of one tiny mistake coming back to haunt the protagonists is intriguing, but when their mistake is that stupid, one can’t sympathize. Why did we ever obsess over it? More importantly, why did we think a man with a hook chasing after a bunch of teenagers is scary?


The Ring


This movie remained a candidate for one of the scariest movies out there, for a long time. How about now? Well, all the supernatural horror movies that emerged after that made this one look like a joke. Now, we watch it, bring our hair down to cover our faces, and act along.


House of wax


An entire town full of people who happen to be turning into wax statues does sound like an interesting plot. Still, come to think of it now, was this a movie we even took seriously? Watching it years later, it appears to be more of an art project gone horribly wrong! Plus, how can we actually find a movie scary when it stars Paris Hilton?




Christine is a car that kills people. Need we say more? It might come as a surprise that the same man who wrote IT, The Shining, Misery and many more horror classics managed to write something so silly. We doubt Christine managed to scare anyone.




This is one of our favorites. When this movie came out, it created a huge buzz! In response to its success, sequels were made for it, and Chucky actually got a bride for himself in one of them. Nowadays, we’ve finally been knocked back into our senses to realize deep down that Chucky and his bride are just dolls. Sure, they’ve got (very evil) human spirits in them, but they’re still just dolls. All this doll needed was a kick in its rear end and a naughty corner.




When this movie first came out it, it played on people’s fear of the unknown. One of the most unknown aspects of our world is the underwater world. So when Jaws came out, it portrayed a violent underwater creature that kills people and is extremely violent. Now, with the help of modern discoveries and science, we know that sharks are rather peaceful creatures that turn violent when attacked by humans. That being said, we still love the 2016 movie “The Shallows” so very much regardless. And we can’t deny that the theme music for Jaws is the most epic thing we’ve ever heard.


The Haunting



This movie is intense and has an unexpectedness that we can’t deny, but that’s as far as it goes. After participants are placed in a house by a psychiatrist who wants to study the psychological response to fear, weird unnatural occurrences begin to happen. One of the participants discovers that this house possesses the spirits of trapped and murdered children. Eventually the murderer’s spirit is dragged to hell and the children’s spirits are released to heaven. It’s a somewhat happy ending (except for the part where participants actually die). Although the sounds of children in horror movies are always a scary thing, these moving statue faces of children, and those evil eyes forming from the wall just look hilarious and pretty demented and are quit frankly just hard to take seriously.


Sleepy Hollow


Revolving around a headless horseman that decapitates victims, and a police constable with unusual methods to solving crimes, this movie today appears to be a mix of all kinds of theatrical realms. It’s a little “The Crucible”, on a little Disney, on a little “Game of Thrones”. Kids today would appreciate this movie, and even then, they won’t even feel fear.





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