We asked Men we Love to Recreate us on Snapchat. Check out How they did it!

Snapchat is our new guilty pleasure, as is the case for the rest of the world. With new guilty pleasures come new trends that we don’t always understand. Some of those trends turn into pet peeves for other users. We asked some of our favorite men to show us their least favorite Snaps that some girls love doing. Here are their answers.


Ramez Youssef – The Unnecessary Floral Princess


The Co-Founder of media hub, Tayarah, told us about his biggest Snapchat pet peeve. This pose is adopted by many young women (and honestly, who can deny they’ve played with Snapchat filters for longer than they care to admit?) However, let’s make it clear that it’s sometimes completely pointless. If you’re taking a picture at the beach, there’s enough there for it to be an interesting picture without adding a pink filter and a flower crown.



Kareem Gouda – The Accessory Goddess 


Art Director Kareem Gouda has been noticing the accessory pattern on his Snapchat feed. This young lady knows she’s great at accessorizing. Knowing that isn’t enough for her, though, and she is determined to let you know as well. Not only that, it will also be accompanied by the infamous floral crown filter, which at this point is okay only if you’re making fun of it.



Mohamed Raouf – The Doe-Eyed “Angle”


Mohamed Raouf is a banker by day, and fitness Instagrammer by night, whose biggest Instagam pet peeve is the exaggerated large eyes picture. A little trick that any girl knows is that by taking your selfie at a downward angle, your eyes will seem larger. Another trick that some young ladies employ on Snapchat is adding a filter that makes their eyes seem even bigger. Sometimes this results in freakishly large eyes which no human was meant to have!



Marwan Imam – The Butt Contortionist 


Director, Producer, Musician and artist, Marwan has his plate full. However, he still managed to notice one type of Snapchat trend that has been annoying him. That is the pose of someone who has a nice butt and knows it. She poses in every single picture in a way to highlight her assets, like there’s no other prominent feature one should focus on. She twists her body in the most inhuman ways.



Alaa Elsheikh – The “Accidental” Cleavage 


Comedian Alaa Elsheikh had something else in mind. What bothered him the most is when something is meant to be “accidental”, when it was premeditated in fact. The “oops I did it again pose” claims that showing cleavage was unintentional, when in fact it’s all over the place.


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