We Aren’t Bored We Are Boring!

The most dangerous feeling in the whole world is to become chronically bored of everything around you. From insane work routine and never ending body shape goals to relationships and family craziness. But what is more dangerous than being bored is to discover that the problem stems from ourselves, we are the reason behind our own boredom, not our boss nor our life partner.


We are simply… just boring!


A lot of us tend to blame other people for their dissatisfaction in life. It’s very easy to blame your boss for your lack of motivation; it’s very easy to blame your partner for being unhappily married and it’s always rational to blame your kids for losing your sanity. There is nothing as ‘happy couple’ or a ‘happy family’, there are individuals who are happy, hence a happy relationship.

“don’t eat, pray, love as a victim of your own life”

Pressure and anxiety are everywhere, whenever you look for them, you can easily spot them in everything around you. No one will ever be there for you to constantly entertain you and make your day short and sweet. No one will come upstairs dress you up in a hot little black dress and take you on a steamy date whenever you feel bored. No one will come in with a yoga mat and offer you a meditation class or take your kids away for a fantasy-like hour with a bubble bath.


Bottom line, don’t eat, pray, love as a victim of your own life. Work hard on amusing and investing in yourself. Remove expectations from your fictional wish list and replace it with hard work and appreciation. Appreciate the very little things that come in handy from a friend or a lover but always, yes always work very hard on getting the best out of the day…on your own.

“Remove expectations from your fictional wish list and replace it with hard work and appreciation”

Don’t wait for a friend to accompany you to a dance class, instead, go alone and meet others. Don’t wait for a husband to buy you an expensive bag, instead, buy it for yourself and harvest the outcome of hard work and life in sweat pants.


Expectations steal precious and valuable times. Search, find and invest. Others will follow you when they become able to invest in their own lives.


We are all human with different amounts of energy. Don’t bore others with expectations.




Photo by Amina Zaher
Photo by Amina Zaher

By Reem Gamil

Editor in Chief

instagram: whatwomenwantmag



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