Warm up your Winter with Wow by Wojooh!

Wojooh have launched their new collection “Wow by Wojooh” is bound to give you that sophisticated look that every woman wants! Instead of sticking to gloomy, dark colors, add a splash of brightness to your winter look. You will be surprised at how much it warms things up!


Bright Lips!

The collection is filled with bold shades of lipstick, since gloomy colors and monochromes are the usual palette of colors for wintertime. Add a pop of color onto your lips! Whether it’s a vivid shade of red or bright hot pink, it’s the way to go this season.


Make Your Eyes Pop

Don’t be scared to use some color around your eyes! Wow includes some great colors of eye shadow, so don’t be afraid to add a hint of color here and there.


Dazzling Nails

Colorful nails are the best! Especially when you’re wearing an all black outfit, with cropped gloves, make your nails pop! Try some of their unconventional colors to brighten up your nails.

Contour Revolution - Sculpting Palette

Contour It!

Finally, contouring! To perfect your look, contour your face with their easy to use contouring palette. It’s the best way to bring out your favorite features.

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