Vodafone and Sherihan Break the Internet with More Than 75 Million Views in Less Than 10 Days

Vodafone Sherihan Ad

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably saw the awe-inducing Vodafone “Ma3 Ba3d Aqwa” commercial featuring Sherihan. It aired on the first day of Ramadan. A week later, it was still trending on Social Media and had over 75 million views.

Why the ad touched our hearts

There are many reasons why this ad resonated with so many of us. We weren’t just captivated by it because we got to see Sherihan doing what she does best after 20 years of absence, it also brought us a sense of nostalgia.

Sherihan’s performance was a testament to her 90s fawazeer, which are a landmark of Egyptian pop culture for every generation. Every Egyptian, whether they’re 15 or 50 knows at least one Sherihan tune by heart. Her performance also beautifully told her story, which speaks volumes about the power of resilience.

Such an ad could not have possibly been created by anyone but the no.1 telecom network, Vodafone. Every Ramadan, Vodafone’s ads inspire Egyptians. But this year specifically, they’ve really outdone themselves.

The ad was able to mix the past with the present; Sherihan’s iconic dance moves coupled with technology that’s worthy of it. The car accident scene that was stunningly performed not only told a story in a beautifully artistic way, but also had us in awe at how lighting, music, and cinematography can truly carry a performance.

The advanced technology that we saw in the ad is a staple of Vodafone’s presence in the telecommunications industry. For years, Vodafone has been on top, always updating itself to meet its customers’ needs. From new packages to Ramadan offers and gifts, Vodafone truly understands what it means to get with the times. Also, more than anything, this ad tells us that Vodafone understands Egyptian people, living up to their slogan “Ma3 Ba3d Aqwa”. A slogan that puts emphasis on how collaboration between the human spirit and innovation can achieve great things.

Just as we can’t wait to see what Sherihan will wow us with next, we can’t wait to see what else Vodafone have up their sleeve.


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