VeeVaaME:The Pamper Playground!

By Nayera El Zeki

VeeVaaME is the one place in Cairo that promises a great treat and an unforgettable pampering session.  Egypt’s first and only vitality hub provides all the services a woman could ever wish for, including but not limited to fashion advice, beauty consults, massages, Turkish baths and so many more.

Decorated with beautiful vintage chandeliers and gold and silver painted walls, the beauty hub gave off a vibe that says come in, unwind and get pampered in a woman’s safe haven where nothing can ever go wrong. We started the tour by visiting the second floor where we discovered their secret stash of Nada Akram Designs line, Azzam Designs, a diverse collection of Shwood sunglasses, Guess and Michael Kors watches, and several authentic bag brands. They will even take your “pre-loved” bag off of your hands and re-sell it!

“We have our own stylists who can help you in selecting outfits and give advice; we have a fashion room where you can try on your choices. The point is to have everything under one roof, that’s the ultimate experience” Raghda, their Public Relations Manager tells us.

They have a versatile workshop room where they provide private, pre-scheduled life coaching and hypnosis sessions with a certified coach, and Zumba and yoga classes with certified instructors. Soon they will also be adding food and drinks services catered by Raw Republic, a dermatology clinic and a dentistry clinic.

We opted to try their eyebrow hair extensions, which are the first of their kind in Egypt, and they were professionally applied by their makeup artist Sara El-Shamy, who we might add did a great job in making them look extremely natural.

We then tried their exclusive NailSpa and Pedex treatments for hands and feet, and our limbs have never been softer. The exhaustive process includes everything including nail cleaning, filing, mineral sealing, cuticle treating and finally the treatment itself. The treatments are all natural and made with extremely nutritious ingredients like avocado, sea weed, and a large variety of oils.

The Pedex foot treatment was even more extensive; it included applying the sea minerals treatment then wrapping it with cotton and plastic wrap for 45 minutes while the product works its magic.

The entire experience we had was one that was definitely worth our time, and will most certainly be repeated.  We’re anticipating great success for the obviously intelligent team behind VeeVaaME.

Address: New Cairo, Road 90, Concord Mall.

Instagram : @veevaame

Inquiries and appointments: 002-010-144-020-00

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