Use of Mirrors

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When hanging a mirror try to get someone to help you holding the mirror in place so you can see what it is reflecting and where it best works in the way you intended. Always make sure the mirror reflects something attractive – there's nowhere interesting.


Illusions of Light

  • Hang a mirror near the window of a dark room, perhaps in basement. The light reflected from the window will create more natural light in the room.


  • Mirror tiles fixed at the back of a set of shelves will reflect any lighting in the room, adding sparkle and interest.


  • Avoid putting a dressing table in front of a bedroom window, where the mirror will get in the way of the light rather than enhancing it.


  • Consider fixing mirrored panels to window shutters in north-facing room. The shutters can be angled to make the most of any available light.


  • A very large mirror or a wall paneled in mirror can reflect a patio door and garden with tremendous effect. Bringing in light and the appearance of a second garden.


Illusions of Space

  • Place a mirror on a wall adjacent to an interesting view or picture. The mirror will reflect the image and add a sense of space.


  • Paint one wall a darker colour than the rest of the room. Hang a mirror on the dark wall and a picture on opposite, paler wall. This will have the effect of giving the dark wall more depth as it appears to recede to contain the picture.


  • Place a large mirror opposite an attractive fireplace as well as above it. This will catch the eye and make the room seem larger.


  • A narrow hallway can benefit from a long mirror hung horizontally above a narrow console table, where it will make the whole extent of the hall seem wider.





Useful Tips

  • Make sure, when placing a mirror, that there is something appealing to reflect. For example, a large mirror above a fireplace will be one if the first things you notice in a room so it should reflect a painting or other interesting aspect of the room.


  • Don't hang a mirror opposite a south- or west-facing window, where it can cause uncomfortable glare when the sun shines.


  • In a narrow hall don't confine the space to just one mirror. Instead group several mirrors of different sizes together but in similar frames. They will provide variety while adding space and light.


  • Use mirrors to reflect house plants. One or two plants can become a real jungle when reflected, adding a feeling of depth.


  • A mirror at the far end of a room that has patio doors can reflect the garden, giving an extraordinary impression of extra space and greenery.


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