Urban Chic by AminaK.


A Fabulous and Dashing Collection!


Egyptian designer Amina Khalil has recently launched her latest collection “Urban Chic” in Degla Center, Zamalek. Modern edge and ethnic style co-exist in this fabulous collection.


The last time we sat down with Amina K. was in 2009, and wow, she grew up fabulously marking herself as one of the leading fashion designers in Egypt! The new collection also reflects her maturity and flair in an all woman sense! “It’s more me, I have to be comfortable, and if I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing I will have a bad day” Amina says.


The talented designer made it possible for working women to own the basic essential wardrobe items and turn them into statement pieces with minimal effort. Easy-to-match everyday items in beautiful colors like olive green, grey, blue and orange and other neutral colors with pieces of “Omda” fabric and metallic zippers added to them to provide an ethnic look.


“This collection is a huge shift for us. It is very easy to wear and it’s very different from the summer collection” Amina explains while showing us her new belts and clutches, which were also beautifully interlaced with the Omda fabric and zippers. All of the designer’s collections are handmade in Egypt using Egyptian material; so to say she put Egyptian resources into excellent use would be a huge understatement.


And that’s why we love Amina K.

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