Unforgettable 90s Decor Trends

The 90s were the era of high kitsch, pop songs, boy bands galore, and a very “un-sensible” sense of style. This was demonstrated in the form of mood rings, bandanas and an abundance of baggy jeans. That esthetic was also obvious in the choice of décor that we all identified with back then. So let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive the funky style of 90s décor.


Inflatable Furniture




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What teenager of the 90s did not want their whole room decked out in colorful inflatable sofas, chairs and loungers? Those incredibly uncomfortable pieces of furniture were a staple of every bedroom in the 90s. In hopes that by creating a ‘living room’ in your bedroom it will look more like a grown up apartment.

Oh! And it didn’t hurt that Britney had her own line of said neon ‘stylish’ inflatable goodness.



Sponge Painted Walls



When people decided to take a step up from floor to ceiling wallpaper that was common in the 70s and 80s, they decided to get in touch with their creative side.  Sponge painting was born! The effect that sponges made on the wall is a very 90s look that seemed to spread like wild fire. It was easy, cheap and you could DIY. Everyone and their grandmothers were on the sponge painting wagon in hopes of creating a great accent wall. Sorry, people, it didn’t add any sense of sophistication to your room!



Carpeted floors “Mouquette”





If your parents got married in the 80s, then they had carpet floors no “ifs” or “buts” about it. The most popular colors were no doubt moss green, deep blue and off white that ended up being grey after years of traffic. We all know the allergy inducing and sometimes even unhygienic properties of said carpeting. Still, it made us all feel so cozy and at home that we cannot deny it’s everlasting stamp on our childhood memories.



TV show and Music Posters





Whether it was of your favorite boy or girl band, TV show (i.e. “Friends”) or that of hunky Peter Andre (yes, you loved him too, just admit it!) our 90s bedroom walls were plastered with giant oversized posters. Not only did we buy the posters, but sometimes went so far as to frame them like valuable art because they were so dear to us. Ah, the simple life!



Larger than life telephones



If you haven’t seen or used those giant phones with the dialing wheel from the 90s, then you were probably living under a rock.  Some of the phones were grey, others were black, but they were always larger than life. They were usually transported on a wicker basket from room to room with what was probably the longest cord ever imagined. And it never, ever got broken until you decided to finally get rid of it.



Lava lamps





For some reason (no one knows why!) lava lamps reappeared from the 70s to the world of teen bedroom décor in the 90s. They were a rare commodity to come by in Egypt back then. One had to go through great lengths to buy one of the mesmerizing colorful accessories.  Your best friend’s cousin‘s babysitter had to be coming from the States so you could finally get your hands on one. And when you finally had it, your life was complete and your room totally groovy, baby! 



Large Overstuffed Sofas





No one can deny that sinking into a comfy padded sofa makes you feel like you’re getting a big, warm hug. American furniture, especially Lay-Z boy reclining ones, became a huge thing in the 90s (remember those ads during Ramadan advertising the furniture?) because it was durable, comfortable and seated plenty of people. As great as all of these qualities are, it unfortunately lacked a lot in the “trendy” department. And most people ended up riding the L-shape corner sofa wave in the 2000s when tastes changed. 




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