Underrated Brands that we love!

Although everyone loves to be seen with the big trendy designer names, sometimes our obsession with these brands blinds us to all the hidden gems. There are so many amazing, underrated brands that we felt they needed a bit of the spotlight.

1) Nail Polish from Amanda

Amanda’s Nail Polish is affordable, comes in all different colors and it lasts!

2) Cream from Nivea

Nivea Cream is something that the whole family should fall in love with, from Grandmas down to toddlers, everyone loves silky smooth and hydrated skin!


3) Black Henna from Glory

Sometimes going old school is the perfect choice, especially when your precious hair is involved. Glory Hennah can certainly grant you a glowing look!

4) Lip Balm from Luna

Luna was the lip balm that every girl used to carry in her bag, and we say it is time to bring that back! Durable, tasty and available in every pharmacy; Luna was popular for a reason.

5) Coconut Oil from Imtenan 

When it comes to coconut oil, there is more benefits than we can possibly count! Imtenan’s products never get old because they are always the way to go for natural goodies!

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