Under the Same Roof with Karim Darwish and Engy Khairallah

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Where did you guys meet?


Karim:We met when we were like 11 or 12 years old. She was playing as a junior squash player in Sporting Club in Alexandria and at that time I was playing in Maadi, but we used to travel a lot together for international championships and that’s when everything started.


Engy: Yeah, we’ve always been good friends before we got closer.



What are the pros and cons of getting married at an early age?


Engy: I got married when I was 26, so it’s not too early, but it’s important to get to know each other more before you step into marriage. Once you get to know your partner very well it’ll be way easier.



What’s the best thing about having a mutual career?


Karim: We have the same lifestyle, sometimes I travel two months and she travels with me.


Engy: I think it’s very helpful to have the same interests under the same roof, it’s pretty helpful and encouraging, but we get to travel a lot like 10 to 15 times a year, so if I wasn’t there playing as well I wouldn’t see him as much. The worst thing is, sometimes we don’t travel together, and we don’t get to see each other for a long time, but we try to make our schedule the same.



Do you judge each others performances?


Karim: If I have an important championship, she comes to support me, she is a very good coach, during the game and during the training, we always train together and share advice.



Do you share the cooking and cleaning around the house?


Karim: At the beginning I tried to help her out but I found that it’s getting boring (Laughs).


Engy: I do most of the cooking, he helps a little bit but it’s not hard as we have someone who helps us out.


What did marriage change about you?


Engy: I used to be an independent person since I was really young, now I have someone else to take care of, specially that Karim’s day evolves around his sports and there is a certain schedule we have to follow everyday.


Karim:I guess you develop more responsibility when you have a partner in your life. Growing up, my mum used to do everything for me, now I have a partner so everything became totally different. If we’ll plan to have a baby, the responsibility will increase, and I have to rethink every step I’ll take.



Do you have any tip for young couples?


Karim: The advice is not to rush into marriage, it’s a huge responsibility. Finish your studies and plan your future then get married.


Engy: don’t rush into a serious relationship until you’re really convinced that this person is the one you want to spend a lifetime with. You have to have mutual interests and things in common, but too many things in common isn’t very healthy as you must share different opinions. Compromise is also very important and you have to give the other person space to do whatever he likes.



Do you know what women want?


Karim:I think women want a guy who’s responsible in his career in order to help her build up her future too as nowadays most women want to build up their careers and climb the ladder of success.


Engy: I think what women want is lots and lots of love, but mainly appreciation.


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