#Tweet Share3: When a tweet turns into a roar

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Smart, creative and effective, Tweet Share3 is one of the most motivating social initiatives in Egypt. The project is a diverse synchronization to connect the social media user with the man on the street to talk politics, society and the future.

Hassan Hamed, a.k.a @SekSek is the mastermind behind this Twitter Hashtag. He is works in the field of technology and is a Sunday evening host on Nogoom FM. “We wanted Twitter users to take their debates out of their own bubble and communicate with regular citizens who don’t have Internet access. We felt that there is no proper link between Jan 25 revolutionaries and Egyptian citizens. Some people thought that revolutionaries were chaotic youth who enjoyed free time and wanted to destroy the country so truth had to surface and by Tweet Share3, the link between citizens and revolutionaries became much stronger”, Hassan says. Members of Tweet Share3 come together in forms of groups and start spreading around Egypt visiting local cafes and talk to ordinary people on the street. “When we first talked to people, they started asking about the political organizations we belong to. They also asked us who they should vote for and when we told them that this is up to them they were really surprised. It was hard for a lot of people to believe that we are just spreading awareness and we have no hidden political intentions whatsoever”, Hassan said. “When they talked to us and felt that we were honest young people, who just want good for this country, they started opening up and listening to us. Egyptian people are always ready to listen they just need an opportunity”, Hassan says. 

Hassan thinks that a lot of fake people have landed on Twitter planet recently and conquered it. He thinks that a lot of people have come out of the blue and called themselves ‘activists’. “Well I don’t know how things started. Some people said they’re activists just because they already have a lot of followers on their list. Others became activists just because people started following them. I don’t want to say specific names but I have a problem with most bloggers on Twitter. Some of them really have no idea about how the whole political processes should be done”, Hassan says.

A lot of females have started joining the initiative and the number is up and running. “We can never forget the female role in the revolution. Their strength is unforgettable. Most of the members of Tweet Share3 Damietta are females”, Hassan says.

Throughout his journey with Tweet Share3, Hassan learned a few lessons from the streets of Egypt, “Egyptians aren’t stupid at all. They know exactly what’s happening and that has nothing to do with their educational background” Hassan says.

#Tweet Share3 is active in around 8 governorates now and has more than 6,000 followers who engage in social and political talk online to be applied in full throttle offline.

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