Trying to charm your special someone? Get Closer with Closeup!

We all have those embarrassing stories from when we have gone up to our crush and have tried to charm him with our wit or by sharing our interests, and for some reason it has just completely failed. It is easy to let those moments make you feel a  bit more self conscious and a bit less likely to go up to the next person that you like. Well in order to help us to get over our embarrassment and find some more successful moves, Closeup took to the streets to encourage people to share their hilarious real-life stories of the times that they have tried and failed to get close to someone. Closeup’s campaign, with the hashtag #7arka_t2rabak, helps us realize that from ill-timed winks to awkward conversation, often the thing holding us back is a lack of confidence, something their team are committed to helping us find!

Sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be, maybe the attempt to get closer failed because you have a different sense of humor, or maybe they are interested in someone else? But other times, the failure can be prevented! Imagine someone coming up to you and telling you a really funny story that makes you laugh…sounds nice huh? But what if they come up to you and you can’t even listen to the story because the only thing you can focus on is their bad breath? Not so nice anymore. So don’t let that ever be you!

Closeup Toothpaste removes any food odors, giving you 12 hours of fresh breath ensuring you leave the best possible first impression! But it’s not just about nice smelling breath; the Closeup team discovered that one thing that can really charm a crush is self-confidence. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about bad breath will give you the confidence to focus on charming your crush with all the things you know they like, whether it be pizza, jokes or compliments. If you walk over feeling confident and at ease, your special someone will most likely feel at ease too! Then if your attempt to get closer to someone goes wrong, it can be a funny awkward story to share with your friends rather than an embarrassing story about bad breath!

Check out their campaign video here:

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