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At Unilever Food Solutions, men come to work with their laptop in one hand and their apron in the other. Mohamed El Khatib, Key Customer Development Consultant at Unilever Food Solutions adds his skill to the grill and tells us all about his job. You can tell a lot about men who cook, but in this article, our guy proves that his job description is way more interesting than people might guess.


What makes your job interesting?


It’s really interesting because I try and see different things everyday; whether with the meals I cook at the office or the people I meet outside. I talk with restaurant owners and managers and I know a lot about how the cafes and restaurants I eat at run their business. There is so much in the background. One day I’d like to open my own restaurant and I’m exposed to a great deal of experience through my work.


Have you ever been bullied by your guy friends because you get to cook at work?


No never. My friends know how seriously I take my job and how much I really enjoy it so no bullying.


Many women find men who cook attractive, have you ever used your job description to attract women?


Well, I never knew that (laughs). I do talk about my job with women I date but with no intention to do better.



If you found out that your spouse uses a product of a competitor, what would you do?


I respect all our competitors, but I believe in the quality of the products I sell and it’s very important to guide my spouse through what I believe in.


In your opinion who cooks better? Men or women?


If you take a look at all restaurants around you you’ll find that the chef is male. According to our Executive Chef Mr. Hesham Rabia, men cook better than women because women feel obliged to do it and they always do it under stress. On the other hand, men cook either because they do it as a hobby or because they take it seriously when they work as chefs.


Do you use your cooking skills at home?


No I never do. Nothing beats my mother’s cooking.


Do you know what women want?


No one actually can tell what women want. I think that women are strange yet beautiful creatures. In my humble opinion, all I can say that women like to insert drama in everything they go through. If they don’t get what they want the very moment they want it or they get depressed.

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