Tribal Glam

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Ahmed Sabry is a young Egyptian jewelry and fashion designer who flashed his talent in the fashion scene with his glamorous taste.
“I wanted to take courses first and it all came as a coincidence when I met with fashion designer Heba El Awadi”, Sabry tells us. A friend of his introduced him to El Awadi as she was looking for a designer to collaborate with her HEBZ clothing line and she asked Sabry to present her some sketches and told him all about her collection “it took me some time to come up with things and to do research, then my jewelry came to light”.
Sabry’s first jewelry collection ‘Tribal Glam’ had an edgy masculine theme and he altered it as feminine as possible, “I wanted to use materials like silver and mixed silver with copper and stones as minimal as possible to look edgy and strong but yet feminine. Azza Fahmy is his jewelry guru as he admires and respects her professional techniques. In regards to clothing, international designers like Ellie Saab and Versace are his favorites. He refreshes his creative work by lots of research, reading and watching lots of documentaries.
He’s also a freelance fashion designer creating individual custom made designs “to show off the figure and the beauty of the gown is the whole point” he adds. Sabry has a special tip for beginners which is “Don’t do favors for people you may know who happen to work as models or photographers and cooperate with them just to do them a favor as not to provide hideous production”.
Sabry thinks he’s lucky that he studied advertising and marketing, as it helps him read his customers’ minds. When he started out, he found that his target were people who follow the international trend of the market which is “a good thing” as working on the international level allows him to work on great capacity as many tastes rush in when people focus on international trends.
Customers can place orders through the Facebook group “Ahmed Sabry Designs”
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