Travel back in Time: Vacationing in the 20th Century!

We’re already the biggest advocates of traveling, regardless where, when or how it’s done. There’s something magical about experiencing new destinations, new cultures and new experiences altogether. We even imagined what it would have been like to experience traveling at a different era, and came up with what traveling in the 20th century would’ve been like:


With all the piled up work to do, our vacationing days would have been rare and time would be worth gold, which is what Air France completely understands.


Or we could have jumped on board one of the three daily flights Egypt Air departs to Beirut, Lebanon and be there in just two hours.


We could have even relaxed on a cruise departing from Alexandria to Marseille and back on Misr Tourism’s “Al Nil Wal Kawthar” fleet, for an “organized, quick and luxurious trip”.


Here’s  a car rental agency that rented per hour, per day and even per month. Air conditioning and radios for additional fees.

And if you’re the luxury-first type, we’ve got something for you as well!

And if you’re there at the time, you would have needed to make sure you’re free on the 22nd of October 1945 and be at Royal Cinema for a preview of “leilt El Goma’a” with Taheya Kareyoka, Anwar Wagdy, Ismail Yasin, Abdelfatah El Qosary and many more brilliant young talents.

Of course we hate getting sick while traveling, it ruins the entire trip. But fear not, Egypt has come up with an instant remedy for fatigue, colds and flus.


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