Torn Between Tablets and Laptops? Why Not Both?

The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 is a curious little thing. We knew from the start that the gadget is inspired by Intel. That was enough to be certain of its level of efficiency, knowing Intel’s capabilities. We’ve put the device to the test for two weeks. Below is our verdict.


Looks: The Ideapad Yoga is a very elegant device. The convertible Laptop/Tablet is slim, well-designed and modern-looking.

Screen: The multi-touch HD screen was a delight both aesthetically and practically. It was extremely sensitive and responded quickly, which made using the device as a tablet very easy. The bright, HD display was the cherry on top.

Operating System: Windows 8 is made for devices like this. So you will feel like the device is tailored to make your life easier. You can customize your welcome screen to have your most-used applications literally at the tips of your fingers.

Convertibility: Although it has been done before, this rendition is one of our favorites. Lenovo’s Ideapad is a convertible laptop. You don’t have to disconnect the keyboard, though. All you need to do is flip the screen on its 360 degree hinges. And there you have it! Its ability to transform into a tablet doesn’t undermine its capabilities as a laptop in the slightest.

User-Friendly: It only took us a few minutes to figure out how to deal with this device. The welcome screen can be customized in no time. Once that is done, everything is so simple, that anyone can figure it out in under a day. And for those new to Windows 8, don’t worry. With the click of a button, you can get back to the traditional desktop view.

Intel Processor: The device was inspired by Intel, as we’ve previously mentioned. The way the Intel processor is utilized is brilliant. We didn’t expect that such a small device can run so many applications simultaneously with such speed.


Sensitivity: This is usually a good thing. And it is listed with the pros for this device. The screen and mouse pad are extremely sensitive. This, sometimes, can be a nuisance. The slightest touch on the screen or keypad could pause a video, scroll down the screen or click on something.

360 Hinges: This might not be a con, actually. It all depends on the durability of the device itself, which we did not get to fully test. We couldn’t help but think about it, though. Will the Lenovo Ideapad survive the screen being flipped 360 degrees several times a day on the long run? This is a question that only time can answer. We sure hope that the device is durable because its convertibility is one of our favorite features.

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