Japanese Food on the Wild Side


Torii at the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino has just added a fresh new Teppanyaki Grill accompanied with a live cooking show. Whether you are a sushi lover or someone who is hesitant to eat raw fish, Torii simply has something for everyone’s taste. With the new addition of the Teppanyaki grill, customers may sit around a table and watch Chef Hussein, a gold medalist in the 2012 Egypt’s Best Japanese Chef competition, throw his spatula and knife from one hand to the next, seasoning the meat, and grilling it to perfection all with a sense of humor and lots of entertainment.


The Teppanyaki dinner consists of a delicious Miso Soup, a fresh salad with an authentic crisp ginger dressing, an entre of Teppanyaki chicken, steak and shrimp grilled to melt in your mouth accompanied by a side of fried rice and fresh grilled vegetables dressed in sesame Asian sauce. For sushi & sashimi lovers, make sure you visit Torii on Mondays and Fridays for all you can eat chef selection sushi.

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