Top 9 Seinfeld Cameos

Seinfeld is one of the most ground-breaking, influential shows in television history. The “show about nothing” went on to influence many shows afterwards, even becoming a “formula” to follow later on.

Not only was its success incredible during the run of the show, but it stayed popular (and quite relevant) throughout the years. And one of the funniest things about that is when actors who have done cameos in the show end up having popular shows of their own!  Sometimes we notice them, and other times they fly right over our heads. Here are some of the stars who have done Seinfeld cameos and ended up with their own awesome shows and films!




Jane Leeves

You might remember the adorable actress from her role in Frasier, but she also appeared on a couple of Seinfeld episodes as “The Virgin”, who went on to date JFK Junior!



Teri Hatcher

Before becoming a desperate housewife, Teri played the character of Jerry’s girlfriend. She was just as beautiful, and as confident, as we’ve all come to know her later.



Courteney Cox

The only one of Jerry’s girlfriends to come that close to marrying him was played by Courteney Cox. Can you believe that?



Molly Shannon

She may have been the butt of the jokes, and she may have appeared only in one episode, but everyone loved Molly’s character on Seinfeld.



Brad Garrett

His hilarious awkwardness was brilliantly employed in his role as the overprotective mechanic in Seinfeld.



Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham played Jerry’s girlfriend who put him on speed dial after only a couple of dates. We wish we could have seen Gilmore Girls’ take on that issue.



Bryan Cranston

Before he was Heisenberg, Bryan Cranston played Tim Whatley, the re-gifting, de-gifting dentist who converted to Judaism for the jokes. He also dated Elaine. Oh Heisenberg! 



Anna Gunn and Bob Odenkirk

Not one, not two, but three, Breaking Bad stars appeared on Seinfeld and they all dated main characters! Anna Gunn played another one of Jerry’s girlfriends, and Bob Odenkirk played the medical student who dated Elaine, that is, until he got his medical license and dumped her.

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