Top 5 Annoying Social Trends in Cairo

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Just to be clear from the start, I am a cynic. I scoff and conventionality and am always critical of people’s behaviours, which probably makes me an elitist too. But, some behaviours usually raise skepticism even from the mellowest and most flexible of people, and these are behaviours that are plaguing Cairo and its inhabitants at an amazing rate. Like what you ask? Well, brace yourself:




We all like to splurge from time to time, it is a natural capitalist-society instinct that is inherent in our capitalist genes. However, when your splurging starts to override your financial net worth because you just HAD to buy that new iPhone (otherwise what would Fifi think of you if you didn’t?), or you HAD to buy a Blackberry, (well because everyone has it and the commercials said it was the ‘in’ thing), or you couldn’t resist that to-die-for Gucci bag, then it’s time you did some re-thinking. It is one thing to buy things you like as long as you have the money for them, and quite another to be totally out of control. Try to evaluate the value of material possessions in terms of the value they will add to your life rather than just satisfying that materialistic urge or to feel distinguished among your peers. Because, if you really think about it, today’s ‘in’ item is actually tomorrow’s outdated item, so just do what’s right for you, and Fifi can take a hike.

Fake Personas:

Individuality seems to be unfashionable these days. If you look around, you’ll find that most young to middle aged people follow certain trends. There’s always a theme for everything i.e. a place to be, a way to speak, a way to dress, a vocabulary to use, and a persona to be. All of a sudden sushi is cool, Apple products are the best (ok they’re good, but it is still a company where humans work and products aren’t always perfect), and English is our official language (even if the speaker still cannot differentiate between drastically different letters like ‘p’ and ‘b’). Peer pressure is a very big factor when it comes to how people act and often thwarts uniqueness. However, it is important to understand that it’s our individuality that makes us who we are, and that it’s important to be natural….even if you like sushi and are an Apple freak, if that’s you then it’s right. But if you’re constantly trying to live up to a false image marketed by society or even your peer group, then it’s time you gave it a second thought.

The Facebook Syndrome: There are so many things wrong with the way people use Facebook so I will just list three of them

No one really cares to know about what you had for breakfast/your bowel movements/how horrible you feel/how happy you feel/how your cat is really cute/or how your parents suck. If you have no real information to relay, then just keep quiet. The ‘What’s on your mind?’ question on your page is not to be interpreted literally and does not give you the right to spew your mental jibber jabber all over your friends’ feeds.

For the love of God, if you crave some attention just go out and make some real life friends instead of plaguing our feeds with obscure statements like “There’s no point”, “Extremely disappointed”, or “Really sick”. Only passive aggressive wives do that and everyone knows it’s lame.

For the millionth time, no you can’t see who viewed your profile no matter how many applications claim that they can show you, yes we all know that you have a partner/are engaged/are married and that you are eternally happy and wake up everyday to chirping birds and elves dancing around your bed, and please if you want to add people as friends, a courtesy ‘Hi’ is due.

Fashion Sense (or lack thereof):

The funny thing about Cairenes is that whenever an item becomes fashionable, it spreads so fast and so extensively that at some point people walk around like clones. Skinny jeans became fashionable- everyone started wearing them, including dimensionally-challenged individuals (that always make me wonder about the magical feat that had to be accomplished for them to put those pants on) and grandmothers. Low-waist pants? No problem- even it meant the dawn of the muffin-top midsection, which is what happens when you squeeze your curvy midsection into a tight low-waist pair of pants, things start to…bulge. And of course there’s your fake designer bag trend, who could forget that? The thing is, being fashionable is fine, but being a fashion freak and having to follow every trend out there is just illogical. Not every trend is suitable for your style, your body, or your wallet. Whatever looks good on you and feels comfortable is always the most common sense way to go about fashion trends.

Driving Etiquette (or lack thereof): Well calling it driving is probably too much of statement since it’s more haphazard actions than systematic/logic-based actions, but anyway here are a few reminders for people out there, you know who you are:

Side mirrors were created for a reason.

 Lanes drawn on the asphalt are not suggestions as to how to position your car nor are they road art, they actually mean something.

 Put down that wretched phone and invest in a Bluetooth headset.

 Please clean the cobwebs off of your signaling levers and start using them.

On that note, it’s time for me to shut down my Mac, pack my Prada, and head out for that Sushi dinner I’ve been craving all week. I can’t wait to let my friends know about it on Facebook.

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