Top 10 All-Time Favorite Fawazeer!


Regardless of what generation you belong to, we’re sure you must have enjoyed fawazeer at one point or another of your life. It’s a lost art that we hope one day will return to our screens. Here are our 10 most favorite Fawazeer of all time!


El Khatba – Nelly (1981)

The list of the amazing Fawazeer made by Nelly is long and impressive. However, our absolute favorite has got to be El Khatba. It was funny, entertaining, had some great dance routines and costumes; what’s not to love? We can still recite the entire closing song!



Hagat wa Mehtagat – Sherihan (1994)

While her list is shorter, Sherihan still left her mark in our hearts with her Fawazeer. Our favorite is Hagat wa Mehtagat, featuring none other than Mohamed Heneidy and Alaa Morsy, this one was funny and had some of the best, most out there costumes! Not only that, but music was made by Moudy El Emam.



Fatouta – Samir Ghanem (1982 – 1984)

This little guy in his green suit and big yellow shoes has managed to win everyone’s hearts. They attempted to resurrect the show in 2010 under the name Fatouta w Teta Mazboota, but it wasn’t successful, you can’t beat such classics! Samir Ghanem’s Fawazeer in which he played Fatouta and Sammoura, were absolutely perfect!



3ammu Fouad – Fouad El Mohandes (10 years. 80’s through 90’s)

Stretching over an entire decade, 3ammu Fouad educated and entertained generations of Egyptian children! One of the most successful fawazeer of all time, Fouad el Mohandes brought humor into the mix, which is something we’re all grateful for.



El Monasabat – Yehia el Fakharani, Hala Fouad, Sabreen (1988)

This is the most 80s trio one could think of; and these Fawazeer were absolutely amazing! Yahia El Fakharany isn’t only a talented actor, he’s also a hilarious comedian. His talents, combined with those of Hala Fouad and Sabreen brought a fun new flavor to Fawazeer.



El Fenoon – Sherine Reda and Medhat Saleh (1989)

What’s better than Fawazeer with “art” as its main theme? This show has numerous colorful characters, elaborate dance scenes, and lots of moments that are sure to get a chuckle out of you. Sherine’s dance skills combined with Medhat’s great voice and sense of humor are absolutely a great combination.



Ehna Fein – Samir Sabri (1994)

Samir Sabri is the ultimate triple threat. The incredible entertainer starred in these Fawazeer, which included an impressive cast! Ehna Fein had some of the most beautiful costumes you will ever see in a fawazeer show.



Geran el Hana – Nadine, Wael Nour (1997)

The ballet dancer joined forces with comedian Wael Nour and brought forth one of the best Fawazeer of the 90s. The Fawazeer utilized Nadine’s technical dancing background very nicely and are still considered some of the best Fawazeer until this day though Nelly and Sherihan had set the bar quite high.



Helm Wala 3elm – Nelly Kareem (2002)

If you don’t remember the time when Nelly Karim wasn’t all about the Egyptian woman’s struggle and more of a bubbly ballerina who did fabulous ballets, you’re too young to be reading this! Nelly Kareem’s ballet also came in handy when she did those Fawazeer. A talented dancer with a sharp wit and a relatable sense of humor, she won Egyptians’ hearts immediately.



El 3eyal Etganenet – Yasmeen Abdel Aziz, Abdallah Mahmoud, Mohamed Saad (2002)

These Fawazeer were absolutely priceless. Millennials will remember this one very well. Not only because it was entertaining, colorful and full of cool costumes, but also because it was one of the funniest fawazeer out there. The young, funny cast won everyone over.


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