Tips for a Pleasant First Time…

When you’re having sex for the first time, the excitement may be overpowering, but at the same time, it’s very easy to let anxiety take over you too. There’s always a first time for everything in life, but even the smallest of worries can seem scarier when it’s a firs experience.

So before you jump into bed, here are a few things that can definitely help ease the anxiety, and improve the pleasure!


Facts and tips:

Breakage of the hymen dose not always translate to a large quantity of blood; in fact, sometimes there can be no blood at all.

For most girls, one of the most stressful worries of first time sex is the pain associated with it. Many girls don’t actually feel any pain at all the first time they have sexual intercourse. Very few girls actually experience pain that’s unbearable.

The chances of experiencing an orgasm the very first time you have sex may be low, so don’t keep your expectations high.


The position:

The best sexual position for your first night is the Missionary Position, in which you lie on your back with legs spread out. Try placing a cushion under the bottom of your back.

Your partner should be lying on top of you with his weight concentrated on his elbows and not directly on you. He should enter his penis inside your vagina gently to ease the process and avoid any hard thrusting.

In certain cases where the hymen is just broken and not completely removed, it can be completely removed during the delivery of your first child. This type of hymen is either elastic or the labial type.


How to make Missionary more enjoyable:

Slip a pillow under your hips; this will change the angle of penetration and how intercourse feels for both of you.  You can also raise your legs, spread them apart or pull them together tightly, have them wrapped around your partner. Each position affords a different series of sensations.

Since missionary allows for so much skin to skin contact, add a little massage oil to your foreplay and enjoy a slippery session like you’ve never experienced before.

Engage in clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is a highly sensitive bundle of nerves and direct contact with  no warm up is extremely jarring to most women.


Practical tips for losing your virginity:

Create an understanding and cooperative environment. Be patient and communicate with each other, and always remember that there is no rush. To avoid first day failures or disappointments, read up and ask medical specialists, and always remember that the process is not a test.

The first night of marriage should see the couple privately convening after the wedding party. Communicate with the families your need for privacy and stress to them that no proof is needed for a bride’s chastity. This tradition alone contributes heavily to failure to intimately connect.

The place where the couple’s first sexual relationship happens should be intimate and quiet, since loud and noisy voices may distract you.

To ease the penetration process, you can use an ointment or intimate oils, which can be easily purchased from pharmacies.

it’s alright to feel anxious about the first time. Take it slow, and let your passion and instincts guide the way. Relax!

If the hymen is thick, hard and impossible to be broken in the traditional way – no matter how hard the couple tries – there is no need to be shy or to despair. Seek medical specialists who routinely break hard hymens via simple surgical tactics using local anesthesia. These operations usually take no more than a few minutes and have no side-effects or complications.



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