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Deciding to decorate your own house is a big step. While doable, it’s very tricky, since you have to choose pieces that are stylish, timeless, comfortable, and practical. We spoke to Mohamed Swelem of Micasa Design and got some tips and tricks.


Tell us about Micasa Design. And do you offer furniture alone or furniture and interior design?

Micasa Design offers the finest contemporary architectural, interior design and furniture solutions for residential and commercial projects. We’re always keen to end up with unique, creative, sustainable and spectacular designs.


Every home should have a soul. How does one achieve that?

Inspirations, mood boards and schematic designs are some of the most important stages of design. Utilizing materials, texture, and color matching gives harmony to your design.


Does Feng Shui really affect a person’s mental and physical health?

It’s one of the most important solutions that help in design. It is true that Feng Shui affects us although it’s not a touchable variable.

What advice would you give so that a person can achieve a Feng Shui balance in their home?

Feng Shui guides energy and lets it flow freely through your home.

The ideal furniture position is diagonally opposite to the door and against a solid wall. It is good to be able to see who is coming through any entrance.

Computers, televisions, and electronic devices do not belong in the bedroom. This can cause sleeping problems.

Water features will promote feelings of relaxation and harmony. This is essential to the successful implementation of Feng Shui, which translates as wind water.

Roundness is preferred in Feng Shui. Sharp corners emit negative energy. Wherever possible, corners should not point to beds or chairs.

Going modern

Modern furniture has made a powerful comeback. Do you think this trend will last?

It is a matter of taste. Many folks in smaller apartments are choosing modern furniture because it is very practical.


How can someone use modern furniture in a way that makes it timeless?

Many younger people prefer modern furniture more than traditional furniture because it offers a more artistic atmosphere. Modern furniture still maintains a high level of elegance.


This or that?

Lots of patterns, or solid blocks of color?

There are 6 types of patterns: Stripes, Geometric, Organic Prints: floral, vines, nature inspired, Pictoral prints (realistic and abstract), and Motif prints.

Patterns have a huge role in defining the design style of a space. It is very important that these elements are applied correctly. I prefer working with solid colors and adding some different techniques like patterns, wood cladding or different colors.


Warm wool sofas, or minimalist leather sofas?

They both work, but I prefer minimalist leather sofas more. It adds a touch of elegance. Matching cushions type and color is essential.


Futuristic Industrial, or steampunk vintage?

Industrial design is often the concept selected for special projects, as it reflects the look of an old warehouse or factory. Vintage design is a wonderfully, beautiful era to recreate your space in. It is extremely nostalgic and looks to an elegant time in history for influences.


Advice for newlyweds

Position of the main seating area to face an architectural focal point, such as a fireplace or display unit.

Light colors such as soft white, barely beige and misty gray help to keep residential areas feeling light and airy.

Light pastel shades such as cream, light green and light blue in fabrics helps in fueling the spark between newlyweds.

Lighting solution need to be well studied in such areas as the kitchen, dressing rooms, bathrooms and basements, where sufficient lighting is required.

Large openings and high ceilings are highly recommended. They provide a well-lit and well ventilated atmosphere.



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