Politically Correct! Canada’s New Prime Minister has us Green with Envy

Justin Trudeau is one of the youngest prime ministers of Canada, he won the elections on October 19 2015 at only 43 years old, something that would never happen in Egypt. His father was also Prime minister (Pierre Elliott Trudeau). Justin is clearly a treat for the eyes, we can’t help but envy Canada!

Here are a few fun facts about dear Justin, and reason why he could never be a Prime Minister in Egypt and be OUR dear Justin.

  1. A Master in the Ring

He used to be a boxer, and a good one too! The most memorable boxing match was in 2012 against Patrick Brazeau, in a charity boxing match. Justin won with flying colors!

Why he can’t be ours: Knowing that he is a boxer would make people try to fight him in the streets, and at events; us Egyptians love a challenge! People would stalk him just to fight him. And if that’s not enough, his opposition will use it to suggest he is a violent person and raise the topic of possible brain damage.

  1. Wild one

Justin was a bungee jumping coach for a while, showing his more adventurous and daring side, something we all love!

Why he can’t be ours: Seeing how wild he is will remind people of how young he is. As we can all see Egypt likes her politicians old! It will also give the media the chance to dub him politically incompetent citing his recklessness as the main reason.

  1. A little Bit of Acting

An actor too! You might recognize him in the movie The Great War as the hero Talbot Papineau. Even though it was just that one acting job, we still think it’s something!

Why he can’t be ours: Actors and politicians don’t mix. Never have we seen an Egyptian Ronald Regan. And under Mubarak’s reign, the only instance where he was an extra in a black and white film was censored for some unknown reason.

  1. Stripping for a Cause

Justin raised some money at a What A Girl Wants Gala to help in researching liver disease, by doing a partial striptease in 2011. How can you not love him now?

Why he can’t be ours: Egypt would not see this as funny or endearing, oh no. He would be seen as an infidel whose demonic ways will lead the country straight to hell. Then again we do expect to see edited scandalous videos of him stripping in the office, on the streets, in his car. It’s hilarious things like this that get us Egyptians get really creative!

  1. Inked!

He is reportedly the first Prime Minister to have tattoos. He has one on his left bicep, which is a illustration of the earth that he got at 23. Then at 40 he added a raven to surround the earth. Dark and artsy? Yes, please!

Why he can’t be ours: Haram! And of course there’s the fact that anything remotely beauty-related is female-related and if that’s the case then the (collective gasp!) the Prime Minister likes to look nice? That’s just unacceptable!

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