This Gorgeous Egyptian Designer is Part of Project Runway!

Combining her love for travel and her love for fashion, Amna El Shandaweely -Egyptian Fashion Designer- was able to live the best of both worlds as she explored the countries she visited while seeking the inspiration she needed to add a cultural touch to her designs. Amna El Shandaweely started her fashion journey when she studied fashion at the Italian Institute of Fashion, which later paved way to the start of her fashion career.

Amna first started by designing clothes for her friends, but then as things progressed she was able to get her first professional gig as a designer for the costumes of the Nubian music band called “Hawidro”.

Her designs mainly lean towards African/bohemian styles and are aimed at men, women and kids. With every country she visits, Amna consumes herself in the country’s culture and its people as she tries to incorporate her experience into her clothing lines. Not only that, but she is also able to draw beauty out of a nice book she has read or even a nice song she has listened to. She is able to bring that beauty to live through her designs.

Her very first collection was called “Road to Fayoum”, which was inspired by the beauty she saw in the Islamic arts. Another one of her collections was called “Road to Nairobi” and as you can guess, it was inspired by a trip she took to Kenya.

Amna didn’t stop at fashion designing though. She took her career to the next level by representing Egypt in “Project Runway Arab World”, which premiered yesterday on mbc.

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