Things to Do When He’s Busy With the Playstation

Is he attached to the joystick more than he’s attached to you? It’s time to make use of your ‘Me Time’! Check out these 5 things to do while he’s busy with the Playstation.

1)      Learn sexy languages online:

With few clicks you can learn a few words from every country with free tutorials. How about Spanish or Italian? Check out the websites and By the end of the month you can master basic words from various countries!


2)      Creativity boosts positivity so turn on your brainwaves:

Art therapists always say that creating something and seeing the beautiful outcome can make you feel positive. How about starting with small candles or pots? You can easily watch numerous how to’s on Youtube and have your living room filled with cute stuff by your own hands.


3)      Spray out some Aroma:

Want to grab his attention?  Make some delicious desserts that have a rich aroma that’ll make him fly to your kitchen. Try out Cinnamon Apple or Sweet Pumpkin pies. Cooking is considered a therapeutic healing on its own.


4)      Get wild:

Nail art is in this season. Try out some nail painting that’ll make your hands look sexy and flamboyant. Try out MAKE UP FOREVER or Bourjois kits and enjoy all the compliments you’ll get later.


5)      Distress and Unwind:

Whether you’re a housewife or a working woman, errands never end. Make use of this alone time you have and treat yourself in the way you deserve. Relax in a hot tub with coconut or almond oils, light up some candles and listen to Lana Del Rey’s new album!

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