They’re Here! And they’re Remaking Poltergeist

On July 24th, the Poltergeist remake should hit the theaters! The remake will be directed by Gil Kenan and will star Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt. And while we’re skeptical about whether this is a good idea or not, the trailer sure seems interesting.












There are two reasons for our concerns, here. The first being that we’ve seen plenty of horror classics get terrible remake jobs that pretty much butchered the original. It almost seemed disrespectful when The Shining got an awful TV remake starring Steven Weber and Rebecca De Mornay. And don’t get us started on the Psycho remake starring Vince Vaughn!

That being said, this fear might be a bit irrational from our side. Mainly  because the Poltergeist trailer looks pretty well crafted. Not only that, but the cast is reassuring, as well. Sam Rockwell being a fantastic actor kind of puts us at ease at the idea of a classic horror flick like Poltergeist being remade.

The second thing that worries us might seem a little bit ridiculous, but it’s the Poltergeist Curse. Everyone knows about the rumors that spread about the Poltergeist franchise, and it even partially adds to how creepy it is. Somehow, many of those involved in the franchise, ended up facing one kind of misfortune or another. 

The most famous of which is the incident revolving around Heather O’Rourke, the actress who played Carol Anne, and the most famous character in the Poltergeist Trilogy. She died at the age of 12, during a surgery to fix a bowel obstruction.

There is also Dominique Dunn, who was Carol Anne’s sister in the film. She was strangled to death by her former boyfriend in November 1982. The film screened in June 1982…

Other eerie deaths have occurred to other members of the cast during the period in which the 3 Poltergeist films were made, which resulted in people dubbing these events as “The Poltergeist Curse”. What is even creepier is the fact that real skeletons were used in the filming!

All this aside, the trailer looks promising, and what is better than a nostalgic ghost story?  


Check out the trailer below:


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