Couple Goals? Meet ‘With You, I Wander’ Bloggers

“It’s the excitement of discovering, and experiencing, new things alongside someone who’s as passionate about the same things, that’s what makes it an extraordinary experience.”


This is how Nour from the With You, I Wander travel blog, opened up to us in the couple’s interview on how they travel as a couple, their history, how to best travel on a budget, favorite destinations, and the best travel tips.


“It all began with Jana’s wish to ride the waves with me,” Nour says, telling us about their first adventure together. “We searched for an affordable place for kitesurfing, and Zanzibar sounded like the perfect destination. We ended up getting so much closer together after this trip, so we decided to make it just the start,” Nour adds.


The couple decided to travel the world together and didn’t stop at Zanzibar, but it has always been one of their favorite destinations; inspired by “Hakuna Matata”. Zanzibar is one of the couple’s favorite destinations, for its relaxing environment and fun activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming with dolphins, kitesurfing, and its blue skies and seas.


Discovering more of the couple’s favorite destinations: Oman and Switzerland. “We love Oman for its phenomenal nature and people. It appeals to camping enthusiasts, as you’re allowed to camp anywhere as long as it’s not private property or military-owned. It has a rich marine life, natural pools, as well as beautiful golden deserts. Its people are known for their hospitable attitude towards each other and strangers.” Moving to the couple’s third favorite destination: Switzerland, “It will definitely blow your mind with its perfect scenery; mountains, lakes, well-maintained buildings, and clean streets, in addition to clean tap water and fresh air that leaves you thinking you’ve never breathed before,” Nour tells.


Randomness is the couple’s secret key to the perfect trip. “You have to go with the flow, not to stress; get lost and explore. If you befriended a local, let them be your guide and you’ll have the best food spots ever,” the couple says. And of course, every trip has its essentials, research, reusable water bottles, avoiding over packing, sticking to your budget, a reliable charger adapter, and lastly waking up early.


The couple told us how they master traveling on a budget, with these six magical tips:


Travel during the off-season, for cheaper tickets’ rates, and accommodation. Also, tourist spots aren’t packed.


Plan and book your flight tickets in advance. Couch surfing or Airbnb are more affordable and fun than hotels, as you get a closer interaction with the locals.


Consider buying groceries to make your own meals, instead of junk food.


Befriend the locals to know the perfect restaurants.


Use public transportation or carpooling services.


You can stay in budget accommodations throughout your trip, and treat yourself to a really nice place for one night.

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