There’s No Party like a Fruity Superhero Party!

Well, that wasn’t the case, until our new favorite heroes crashed the party, which everyone was happy about! Mohamed Mekawy (Khokh Man) and Nour Kabakebe (Toot Man) crashed the Auberge New Year’s Party at Gouna, and the event’s awesomeness and fun levels multiplied by tenfold.

Khokh and toot 2

First off, and since it was such a special occasion, their superhero costumes were made to be even cooler. Regularly dressed in superhero suits didn’t mean they couldn’t wear something fancy for such a nice party. So, they ended up wearing costumes especially made for this party in particular, inspired by none other than Ancient Egyptian costumes. The party goers were definitely impressed by Khookh Man and Toot Man’s party attire.

Khokh and toot 3

The peace and quiet did not last for long, though. Where Khookh Man and Toot Man go, there is bound to be action. And since they are Cairo’s new favorite frenemies, they had a duel which was appropriate for the event they were at. This being a dance off! We are positive the party was turned around (or perhaps upside down?) by the hilarious heroes’ dance battle.

Khokh and toot 4

That is not all, though, and while their competition is intense, dance off and all, Khookh Man and Toot Man could put their differences aside and mingle with the party goers. After all, it was New Year’s Eve at Auberge! What more can anyone want? They mingled, spread happy vibes and fun among the attendees. They also had some chit chats and danced with some of the guests. This was all, of course, documented on Social Media.

Khokh and toot 5



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