The X files

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You don’t want to reveal how stingy your ex was.

New partner expected bomb: “what? Golden Stars Cinema? We better go to the cheapest one with all the kids around us, remember the nights with your ex when you watched blockbusters online shot by cam?”

Don’t EVER mention how much money you used to lend your ex New partner expected bomb:

“Why won’t you finance my little project, it’s just a damn loan, plus you lent your ex money to buy the suit he wore meeting your parents, remember?”

Never mention the short skirt fights.

New partner expected bomb “We won’t go to Tamarai unless you go upstairs and change this skirt! Your ex refused to make you wear it on the beach!”

Your lips must be zipped on any previous sexual activity.

New partner expected bomb: “come on! That’s not too much! Remember last year’s summer with your ex?”

Don’t mention your ex’s lack of hygiene.

New partner expected bomb: “well I don’t have to wear deodorant every time I pick you up after the gym! You told me your ex used to change his boxers every 3 days”.

Don’t mention your ex’s porn addiction.

New partner expected bomb: “come on that’s not porn, that’s erotica, you’re just not experienced enough”.

Don’t mention your ex’s dieting failure.

New partner expected bomb: “it’s just a little kersh, I’m way healthier than your ex with chubby cheeks”.

Never mention your ex’s drug problems.

New partner expected bomb: “well your ex used to sniff, and that’s different from marijuana, it’s just for the sea breeze babe”.

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