The Workshops: The Passion Playground!

Cairo’s high pace lifestyle could be very exhausting, and before you know it you never have the time or the place to practice your hobbies or passions. ‘The workshops’ offer almost 50 different workshops, giving you the best instruction at reasonable prices, some workshops are even free!


The Workshops have been operating since October 2012, with the goal to reach every ones interest in a dynamic, fun and respectful way. It also helps you meet people with mutual interests and talents. The age bracket starts from five years old and above depending on the workshop, offering a very safe environment for those youngsters.


The most popular workshops until now are; English fluency; this teaches you how to use English in everyday situations, with the right pronunciation and confidence. Secondly, fashion making; they came up with a whole new way of making clothes, much simpler than the traditional way. Last but not least, interior design; this is a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular, instead of taking courses this is a more fun way to go about it.


Art is a very element in people’s lives. Many of the workshops offered are art related, such as painting, collage, mosaics, art therapy and many more.  Looking more closely at art therapy, we spoke to Sahar Selim; Director of the Art Workshops, “Art therapy is a great way to get rid of mental stress”.Since living in Cairo could be very stressful, here you could turn all your negative energy to positive, by being productive. “There are two ways of doing this, the first way is called random drawing, in which the instructor gives you a blank paper and you paint, looking at your choice of colors and brush strokes could help identify your problems and issues”,Selim explains, “the second way is to concentrate on producing a finished product, something real”.


The Workshops doesn’t target people from a particular social segment, so you get to meet people from all social classes and ages. Not only do they offer workshops, but also book signing, book discussion groups and the most fun, movie nights. The schedules are available on their website and Facebook page.


If you’re not interested in attending any workshops, you are welcome to read a book in the garden or just sit around to finish any work. Their very welcoming environment is bound to bring you back.


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