The Woman with the Inner Beauty Power

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One day a woman went to the beauty spa, where she regularly receives a facial twice a week. As she was sitting in the waiting area, waiting for her turn, she picked up a magazine and began flipping through the pages. When her aesthetician called her name, she closed the magazine and sighed deeply.

The woman sadly said, “Look at all these beautiful women! Do you see their long skinny legs and their breasts so firm and perfectly shaped? Do you see how their hair lies perfectly in place and how they have no sign of crow’s feet eyes, or orange- peel bottom? Why do I even bother to try and make myself beautiful?” She covered her face with her hands and started to cry hysterically.

"Lady," said the aesthetician, "do not be sad or cry, look in the mirror and see your big smile!" The woman looked in the mirror. "Nobody has a bigger or beautiful smile as you do," said the aesthetician. "Not even those models in the magazine. That is because your beauty comes from deep within you, and that is the most beautiful beauty of all.”

"Oh!" cried the woman. "Are you serious? Do you really think so?"

“I definitely know so." said the aesthetician. "Just go for a walk around the block and see what will happen."

The woman got up and walked out the spa into a cold rainy day. Down the street she walked smiling and amazingly something happened. The weather changed – the sun came out and turned out to be a sunny warm day. As she walked, there were flowers along her foot steps. She also heard the birds singing and the palm tree branches swaying with the fine breeze. Suddenly people in the street started to wave at her and kids ran to her smiling, singing and dancing beside her and around her.

The woman was just speechless and could not believe her eyes.

"Oh, my goodness! Could it be true, what my aesthetician was telling me or is it just a wonderful coincidence?”

It does not matter, because the woman had seen the power of the BEAUTY INSIDE HER.

From then on wherever the woman went and whomever she talked to, they could see how radiant she is with her inner beauty power.


Moral of the story is; no matter what you look like from the outside, you are truly a beautiful woman form the inside – smile.




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