The Walkers Take Over Cairo

Rick Grimes woke up in Kasr El Einy hospital. He wasn’t surprised that he was left unattended, or even by the groaning noises. He only started to panic when a decaying corpse attacked him. Kasr El Einy was bad but it never had zombies before! He ran downstairs and looted a Vespa. Driving away, he thought he’d never seen Cairo so empty before.



Rick reunited with his wife and son and their new friends, Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon. They were camping out in City Stars, because it’s such a labyrinth that even walkers couldn’t find them there. That night, they told Rick about how the zombie apocalypse broke out when he was in the hospital. “In the beginning, the walkers stayed in graveyards”, Carol said, “they started to come out when they finished feeding off all the drug-addicts that hung out there”.


The group went out to look for survivors. After a long day of search, they went to Mogama’ El Tahrir. Their hearts sank at how empty the place was. Suddenly, out of nowhere came the sound of footsteps behind them, they turned around, all prepared to strike. To their surprise, it was just an employee, signing in and heading to his desk. “What are you doing here, man?” Daryl asked. “Working. It’s not much different. I sign in, wait a few hours, and then sign out”, the employee responded.

Oh, Egypt!

After their encounter with the employee, it was time for them to leave. Right before they go, they noticed a man walking alone. Rick was jogging towards him to offer his help when the man stopped and tried to grab a female walker. Rick stopped, unsure what the man was doing. “Come back!” Lori shouted, “He’s harassing her”. By the time they were gone the walker had turned around and sank her teeth into her harasser’s jugular.


On their way back, they found a fence that went around an entire block of buildings. Quickly, they were taken in by the guards to meet The Governor. The man seemed charismatic, strong-willed and compassionate. He asked them to join him. Daryl and Rick were skeptical but decided to give him a chance. However, the women in the group were already having crushes on him.  A week later, they all wanted to leave. “We’re can’t stay in Crazyville any longer”, Daryl said. “I know!” Carol responded, “They were watching old Tawfik Okasha videos. They’re convinced that this is an Israeli conspiracy! The Governor supports it, too. Saying we all need to cross the Mediterranean and get to Europe”.

They told The Governor they wanted out. He refused “don’t you know that I care for your safety?” he said, smiling. When they insisted on leaving, his aggression started to show. They had to run. The guards opened fire on them, but they managed it without any losses.



They were finally back in City Stars. As days passed, the walkers’ attacks became scarce. Rick decided to go and investigate. He came back laughing so hard he was in tears. “They’re getting lost! Literally”, he said, giggling like a maniac “they keep going in side-streets and alleys and the heat is killing them. I only counted four on my way back!”

The group celebrated that night, knowing that their escape from the walkers didn’t mean they were safe. They still had the governor to think about. And he is much more dangerous than them, but at least for now, they had one reason to worry crossed off their list. They knew that Egypt had defeated The Walkers.


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